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>> Monday, June 21, 2010

Willow asked: If you have the time / inclination, would it be possible to do something like asking for an indication of how Options A B & C would fit me, by drawing a card for each option? (does that make sense?)

On this blog, m'dear, your wish is my command. Here's your original post and I've included a quick recap.

Option A (Creative Writing MFA) - Wands I - Wands I is a propitious card, one that bodes well for career, creativity, profit, creation, and beginnings. From this card, I'd have to say the cards were certainly encouraging.

Option B (Massage Therapy w/commuting) - Wands IV (inverted) - This card speaks of lost traquility, unfulfilled romance, unstability, incomplete happiness. From this card (as it is in the reversed position), I'd have to say the cards are concerned about the toll this path will take on your marriage and your happiness. Not that it couldn't be overcome - I don't see that - but that the price might be heavier than expected.

Option C (Starting a yoga daycare) - Cups V - This card tells a different story than I thought I read in my previous reading. Cups V is about disappointment and disillusion, hard work and remorse. There is a potential for emotional fulfillment, but it hardly looks like smooth sailing and, again, there appears to be a price.

Seems like asking for more cards has indeed changed the flavor of the reading. Smart move.

Good luck!


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