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>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Willow wanted to know: I am contemplating three distinct paths, can the cards indicate the better/best fit for me? They are:

a. pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing, a 2+year course that would involve extensive commuting;

b. a diploma in Massage Therapy that would last 8 months, and reduce the time spent with my husband to only weekends;

c. combining certification in yoga for kids with an associate's degree in early childhood education with the objective of providing a niche daycare service for yoga-savvy moms.

I will not make a decision made purely on your readings, of course, but I am very curious to know what the cards might say about my choices, and about me.

Thanks very much!

Well, this is a new one. I can't fault the specificity of the question, but I wonder if the cards will be able to make a distinction between these fields. But, you know, they've surprised me before. Let's see what we get. I'll do my standard past, present and future and see where I should go from there.

Past - Knight of Wands (reversed) - This card, in the reversed position, argues that your past is plagued with more talk than action, that getting realistic and focusing on a future path has been a struggle for you.

Present - Coins VI (reversed) - This card carries on the theme of the last: indecision and a need for assistance perhaps insight from without.

Future - Cups III - But, if this card is any indication, whatever you choose brings you great satisfaction. This card is all about emotional satisfaction, abundance and fulfillment. Unfortunately, that doesn't really help me narrow your choices except that this is a card that focuses on communication, caring and sharing. There is also a focus here on fertility and hospitality, too. From this card alone, if I were guessing, I would see an edge for option c.

However, it's hardly definitive so I'll see if we can get a bit of clarification.

Page of Cups - a card about caring and loving and imagination that exemplifies service with definite indications involving children (including another hint, like Cups III, of becoming a parent.

If I'm going to make a recommendation base on the cards, I'd have to say they seem to favor option C - and they expect it will work for you.


  • Shakespeare

    Sounds like sound advice (as always, you perceptive Tarot Queene you!)...

    I have a question. My husband has an interview with a job in the Southeast. Could I have a reading for it?

  • ~willow~

    Thanks Stephanie.

    It's interesting that my palms (visited a palmist a few months ago) indicate a similar future, as in, whatever I choose will bring success & fulfillment. :)

    Funnily enough, Option C is probably the least appealing to me! xD

    If you have the time / inclination, would it be possible to do something like asking for an indication of how Options A B & C would fit me, by drawing a card for each option? (does that make sense?)

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