For Shakespeare: Another Career Reading

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shakespeare asked: My husband has an interview with a job in the Southeast. Could I have a reading for it?

Yes, yes you could. I assume you want to know how it will go and/or if the job will be good for him. Given that I've read for you and your husband before, I'll forgo the past card.

So, I'll pull a present situation card, a card to represent outlook for success with the interview and a card that would represent the prospects for him if he lands/takes the job.

Present - Wands IX - looks like the anticipation of change (or problems)

Outlook - Wands I (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card is not hopeful that the interview will go well. This is a card of false starts and thwarted goals, specifically a career prospect that fails.

Prospects - Coins VII (reversed) - This card (in the reversed position) speaks of empty promises and disappointment, a situation that does not go as planned. Perhaps it's for the best that the cards see the interview being less than successful.

But it begs the question, if this isn't the right opportunity, will another come that bodes better? I'll ask.

Swords I - from this card, which speaks of victory and success, it would seem so.

Any hints on what to look for, I ask?

Swords IV (reversed) - Hmm, in the reversed position, this card speaks of wise management and prudence.

I hope that helps.


  • Shakespeare

    It does, thanks!

    No reason to wish for what won't be good for us. He's not looking to place himself badly. We're trying to be really careful, trusting in the process so that we and the future employment can both find the perfect fit.

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