For Miss T: What Does He Think of Me

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss T clarified: back to your question on 'Will he call back?' sorry , my question was rather vague. let me put it in another way then, i just wanted to know how does he ( this guy friend of mine) really feel about me deep down.. he seems rather hard to read at times. is it possible if u could pull out a few cards? as in, how does he really feel about me from the time u pull out the cards and throughout this summer rather than past, present and future. is that possible for u to help find out? i'll have an open heart for what the card has got to say.

Alright, I'll try it. Original question here.

What he thinks now - Swords IX (reversed) - suffering, doubt, worry, scandal-mongering, obsessing, cunning. A card like this, if it refers to your friend, hardly looks like the kind of mindset healthy for a relationship, even a business one. There are aspects of cruelty and malice. Given the nature of your question, though, it may be more a reflection of your own state of mind, beset by doubt and a bit overworried.

What he'll think in the short term - Cups I (reversed) - poverty, scheming, cunning, suspicious, relationship needs growth, trouble starting a relationship, fair weather friends. Again, not promising in the reversed position, seemingly focused on either a great deal of trouble starting a relationship, or one that is unhealthy and deceitful with someone having ulterior motives.

What he'll feel at the end of the summer - Knight of Coins - dull plodding individual, good with hands, consumed with materiality.

Hmm. None of these cards are propitious. The first two cards talk about trying something, perhaps forcing something that won't work (or won't work easily) or that seems downright unhealthy. The last card, I'm not sure but would guess that it's talking about either his view of you or his focus on materiality. Either way, based on these cards, I'm not sure it's somewhere you want to go or a relationship you want to pursue.


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