For atorturedsoul: Will My Rages Destroy My Marriage?

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

Atorturedsoul asked the Tarot Queen: I have some personal issues going on (home and family life) that has caused me to start having episodes of outright rage. (I'm bipolar, of course.) It causes a great deal of stress in my marriage. Is my husband (and me) going to stick it out over the long haul or eventually give up?

Questions about relationships are always difficult. There are so many factors involved and the cause of the underlying issues isn't always clear. People living with individuals with severe mental illnesses are often unsung heroes with a store of patience that's often taken for granted. It ain't easy (I know from experience) and sometimes the pain isn't worth the effort (again experience), but, when the individual struggling with the issues is so precious, when the struggles and anguish are leavened with love and healing, the most surprising individuals can stick with it. And, again, that's experience.

I don't know you or your husband, but I can understand worrying. However, if you are doubting if you're willing to stick it, seriously, you don't need cards. If, instead, he matters to you enough that this is a serious fear of yours (perhaps one that contributes to your uncertainty and therefore rages), perhaps we can find some insight that will give you guidance. But these are just cards, as I've cautioned before and, while I can hope they will give you guidance, your life will still be what you make it.

I'm going to start by asking about the health of your marriage. If the cards foresee challenges, I'll ask for more data, but we'll start with just the three cards.

Past. Ace of Wands (reversed). Not a propitious card for the past. In the reversed position, this card speaks of false starts and thwarted goals, emptiness and decadence, chaos and selfishness. Clearly, there were a number of issues in the past (can't tell yet if it is you, him, or your relationship here).

Present. Queen of Pentacles/Coins (reversed). This card, in the reversed position, is reminscent to me of many of the characteristics of some mental disorders: moody, suspicious, critical, vindictive, proud, capricious, unbalanced, difficult to deal with. Oh, and get this, someone reads your palm. Why do I think it's cool the card "predicted" your reading. OK, you are ill (but you know it) and it is challenging. But what does that mean for the future?

Future. Pentacles/Coins IV. This is a card that generally deals with wealth, but we can work it to think about your relationship's health. It's a good card for anyone's future: law and order, success, promotion/advancement, time to be generous to others. And, if money worries were part of our issue, this card is definitely propitious.

At first glance, given the nice card at the end, I'd be tempted to say it looks like you'll make it together, ending stronger than you started. However, there is a possible streak of selfishness associated with the Pentacles/Coins IV, so it might be worth my while to ask for confirmation that we're talking about your relationship and not your marriage.

I pulled the Pentacles/Coins X (reversed), which again argues material wealth but a period of stagnation. I don't see how that helps me.

So, I pulled also Wands IV. I gotta say it seems to reinforce my original assessment. Harmony, peace, still with the material wealth, rest after strife, romance, stability and fulfillment after strife.

Sounds like he's a keeper - and you are too. Hope that helps.


  • Shakespeare

    Very cool. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Tarot Queen?

  • Stephanie B

    It's always nice when things come out neatly.

    Poor flit. I haven't had any luck with her. I'll have to figure out why that is.

  • atorturedsoul

    All of it fits.

    Past-My first marriage was to an abusive man. By the time it was over, I had no self esteem and honestly believed I wasn't worthy of love. I vowed never to marry again because of it.

    Present-moody, suspicious, critical, vindictive, proud, capricious, unbalanced, difficult to deal with--all of that describes me lately. There have been a few things that my husband had hidden from me recently and I think now that my mind went into overdrive and made it into more than it actually was.

    Future and the Pentacles/Coins X (reversed)-Money issues have never really been a worry until now. Recent layoffs caused my husband to lose him overtime and it bumped him out of his position into a lower paying one. Big impact. Hopefully this means that things will pick back up.

    Wands IV-I have always said my husband was my soulmate. He completes me and I love him deeply. My paranoia had me subscribing to the old addage, "sometimes love isn't enough". I am realizing that perhaps it isn't a real problem. Perhaps it is symptoms of my mental illness causing me to overanalyze and worry constantly. I really wouldn't want to leave him, but being paranoid I fear that he will grow tired of dealing with my issues and leave me. Again, mind goes into overdrive and I start thinking leave him before he leaves me.

    So it all fits AND it points me in the direction that I needed. Thanks, Stephanie!

  • Stephanie B

    Violence was another potential meanings in the first card, but I wasn't sure whether to call it out because I didn't think it applied to your current relationship (which I was focused on). I didn't even think about a previous marriage, though that makes sense. (The first card hadn't felt like "you" per se so I wondered - this explains it).

  • atorturedsoul

    I have to say, it is the first reading I have ever had that made perfect sense. My sister (who is really just learning the meaning of the cards) tried to do a reading on me in January. Almost every card pulled was a face card (many of them upside down) and it baffled her so she gave up.

    About the palm reading...years ago I bought a book on reading palms and tried to figure out my own. It was nearly impossible. I have lines all over my palm. They are everywhere and I have never seen another person with as many lines as I have. (It's worse than a road map.) You mentioning it in the reading made me remember this. I will have to go back and take a look at that again as I am now wondering what all of these lines mean.

  • Stephanie B

    I told how I started doing tarot reading here, but, when I went into that subject, I also delved into palmistry. I don't think the palms spoke to me, though, like the cards to. It's also harder to do them on the internet.

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