For Miss T: Is He Going to Call?

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

Miss T asked: i called and messaged this guy fren of mine, asking him to call me bak for business purposes ( was interested in sth that he had been selling). apart from that, i do really like him, and im feeling kinda insecure. and rite now he hasnt called me bak yet. can u pls do a reading on whether will he call me back? and how it's gonna be.

Well, I did say anything. The problem with a reading for this question is that I don't really know the question.

Is it that you want him to call you back to sell something, or that you want him to call you back because you want him to be interested in you romantically. If I don't understand the question you are really trying to ask, the reading can be drastically skewed. I'll be looking for answers with regards to the question I think you're asking.

Please rephrase and let me know exactly what information you want (and simple questions lead to better answers than complex questions for the same reason. It reduces ambiguity.


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