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>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anonymous asked: i used to have this friend of the opposite sex whom i treasured a lot, and it was always fun to hang out with him, despite only knowing him at the beginning of this year. suddenly, he seems to be avoiding me, i tried asking him, but he just dismissed the issue as saying that he is busy. as time goes by, it gets more and more obvious, and i am at lost of what is the problem here. it all seems too it possible for you to find out about the main reason he is acting this way or if we will ever return to being friends again?

No promises, but I'll try. Let's see if the cards have insight.

Past - Cups VIII - Well, the cards seem to agree with you. This is a card of friendship, but also of pulling away and withdrawal. There is a possibility of self-pity noted here or futility, perhaps an over-fearful heart. No matter, there is a sense of imbalance here that may (or may not) have anything to do with your friendship, even though it's affecting it.

Present - The Wheel - This is a card of change, of evolution. Generally, I would say it bodes better than ill, an indication of good fortune, of things changing for the better: finding a solution, advancement, adaptation, acceptance. Since the question was focused on him and your relationship I'm hoping that you stand on the eve of a resolution that will answer your concerns. However, the change could mean a break in your relationship, destined for whatever reason.

Future - The Devil - Unfortunately, the card does not argue for happy change in the present. This card is all about selfishness and stagnation, greed and oppression. Which means, if your relationship becomes closer, it may not be healthy (I presume for you). Or, if it sunders, he will end up an unhappy person, chasing the sorts of things that don't lead to happiness.

I'll ask if there's any clarification on his current motives (though I have a suspicion) to see if they can help me pinpoint why he's drifting now.

Coins X - Material wealth and its pursuit. He is either working or looking for potential directions to get money into his life.

I don't know him, of course, and (as I've said many times), I'd warn anyone against taking an anonymous long distant reading as more than a curiosity (certainly not gospel), but my reading of the cards argues he is ambitious, has big plans, dreams of more for himself. For whatever reason, he thinks your friendship is "in the way" or inconvenient to those plans. If his vision doesn't include you, that might very well explain his reticence. Ambition is a fine thing, but, if it becomes all consuming, you can lose sight of what's really important. But, if that's his destiny, you might be happier in the long run not tied to him.

Sorry, I didn't find any happy outcomes.


  • Anonymous

    hi ther.. thank you very much for your readings. yes, you are right. he is busy working currently with up coming projects, i forgotten to add sth last nite, the thing is, he is just fine with everyone but me, and he refused to speak to me. and i do not get in the way with his career as we have different types of career. this thing has been bothering me for quite a while. i am at lost of whats happening. is it possible that you can pull out some extra cards for the reason for his part of doing this? i really appreciate it. thank you.

  • Jeff King

    I can only give advice from my point of view… from a man that has been there and done that, and probably a point of view from any man. Maybe I am wrong; so if any man reads this and disagrees, please speak up to deny or confirm my suspicions.

    First off he probably started too really like you… more than a friend that is. He probably gave you clues and you didn’t respond, so to save himself from falling furtherer, he kept his distance and moved on to find another target. It is nearly impossible to be just friends with a girl, unless you are is a serious relationship and are not looking for someone. But even then if you spend enough time with a girl it is too easy to find yourself in a bad situation.

    Second, you could have shown feeling to a friend of his and hurt his feelings because you only considered him a friend. I have seen that happen more than any other snubbing reason. More detail would be need to give you a better idea of what happened, I would beat it has something to do with both subjects.

  • Anonymous

    hi jeff king. i must admit.. your perspective kinda hit a note in me (i knew his friend first, u see.. well, i guess u know what i mean) i had been suspecting about the same stuffs that u said among other possibilities that stephanie had pointed out but at first i thought it was silly of me to think this way. thanks a lot. it kinda makes me feel not so alone, now that u mention it too.

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