For Anonymous: Prospective Son-in-Law

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anonymous said: I have a question... my daughter is presently dating, is loyal & believes she has found her future husband in him. I would like to know whether he is honestly a good, trustworthy guy and will do well in future.

Now, of course, I'm a firm believe in people choosing their own lifetime companions, but, as a parent, I appreciate your interest. Everyone wants (or should want) the best for their children.

Let's see what the cards have to say.

Past - Cups II (reversed) - Cups II generally indicates the beginning of a relationship and has much to recommend it when it comes to a relationship. Unfortunately, in the reversed position it can indicate underlying concerns, foolishness, disappointment, or issues that are not readily solved. In the reversed position, this can indicate a relationship that will not last.

Present - Pentacles IV - This is a card about ambition, greed, the quest for material gain. There's also an underlying current of possessiveness, the need for ownership. It can also denote success, advancement, attainment, but its presence here, between these other cards flavors my reading of it.

Future - King of Swords (reversed) - another card that is a good card, a reflection of a strong, ambitious, self-made man that takes on different connotations in the reversed position. Determined becomes tyrannical. Strong becomes brutal. Unimpeachable becomes treacherous.

I'll tell you what I think, but say, before I do, to be wary of giving this or any reading too much credence. I've never met any of the particulars and, truthfully, one should be wary of the truth of the cards under the best of circumstances.

These cards indicate a relationship that is likely to end badly or be very unhealthy in the long run. There are signs that a man (and a relationship) that had the potential for greatness becomes twisted and corrupted over time. As I know from personal experience, even with the best intentions, the wrong relationship with a decent man can hurt everyone. The cards indicate underlying differences in morals perhaps or intelligence. Greed or ambition appear to set someone on a path that leads to corruption and tyranny.

If you had your doubts, the cards share them. I wish I could tell you what to do. In the end, she will have to make her own choices. Make sure you are there to help her if she needs it. That's what I'd advise.


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