For Anonymous: Drifting Friends Follow-up

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

Anonymous said: hi ther.. thank you very much for your readings. yes, you are right. he is busy working currently with up coming projects, i forgotten to add sth last nite, the thing is, he is just fine with everyone but me, and he refused to speak to me. and i do not get in the way with his career as we have different types of career. this thing has been bothering me for quite a while. i am at lost of whats happening. is it possible that you can pull out some extra cards for the reason for his part of doing this? i really appreciate it. thank you.

Jeff King had some interesting ideas that hadn't occurred to me as a comment on the previous post you might want to consider. I have to admit, his possibilities hadn't crossed my mind.

Rather than do past/present/future, I pulled three cards to get a sense of the situation.

The first is II The High Priestess (reversed) - In the reversed position, this is a card that talks of selfishness, obfuscation, shallowness and conceit. It is not about rationality but rather reactions based on logical fallacies and one's own egocentricity.

The second is Wands III (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card is cold and stubborn, about superficiality and being self-centered, refusing support and potential career suffering.

And the third is IX The Hermit - This card speaks of withdrawal. In some cases, this might be for introspection or enlightenment, but, in this case, based on the other cards, I'd have to say it comes across more like protecting one's privacy and wanting to isolate for selfish reasons.

If these cards do represent your friend, my deck does not favor him much and is pretty consistently describing him as someone with high ambitions who just doesn't see you fitting into the life he aspires to. Either he thinks emotional entanglements would only be in the way of his plans or he doesn't think you'd further his interests in his pursuits.

The cards are not hopeful that things will work out.


  • Anonymous

    hi stephanie, thanks a lot! for what its worth, it really helped ease my mind a bit, as i assume there are always potential of accuracy in all ur tarot readings.

  • Jeff King

    First off, you got to love Steph, her blogs rock and her advice is wonderful--thx Steph for all you do.

    I hope it works out Anonymous... my best advice is to be completely honest and up front with how you feel... with any luck it will spark something in him and the fence will be mended so to speak.

    If he cares for you at all, this will fix any small problems. If he really doesn't want anything to do with you, then you will also find that out. I wish you only the best and hope it works out for you.


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