For Ayda: Relationship with Mark

>> Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ayda asked: i have a question for your tarot cards. Can you pleas give me an insight into my relationship with Mark. Thank you!

Alright, we'll see what we can see (remembering, of course, that this is all in fun). Note also that, especially with the past, I won't really know if it's you or Mark we're talking about. Update: OK, maybe I can.

Past - Queen of Swords - This is a card that speaks of female sorrow and strengths: separation or widowhood. The traits called for are elegance and intuition, strength, wisdom, calm and dignity, self-reliance. The fact that this card is all about the feminine traits argue that it is you, Ayda. A card for a strong woman grieving an earlier relationship.
Present - Page of Swords - This card sounds more like a male. Also in the suite of swords, this card speaks of authority and management but perhaps secret duties, perhaps more than meets the eyes. He has all the appearance of friendliness and intelligence, but his aims are vague, his way flexible. His mind is quick and discerning and he is independent and adventurous.

Future - Swords 7 - Swords can be an unforgiving suite where even the happier cards have an edge and this is your third one. Nor is it one of the happier cards. It's a card of plans and hopes, but little progress, perseverence but self-deceit. There are secrets here and someone is up to no good, with a breakdown possible.

Here's how I'd read the cards. You've come off one or more relationship that ended, relationships you grieved over. In comes someone new, someone who appeals, who is charming and intelligent, but also someone who doesn't give you the whole picture of himself. What isn't said, what isn't out into the open can doom your plans together, not only allowing you to think you have something different than you actually do but fool you into holding on to it far longer than you should.

Not saying the cards are right, but that's my impression from them. Sorry.


  • Ayda

    Hey Stephanie, can you just pull one more card. I know 7 of swords sometimes can mean also to correct any mistakes (past) and continue.And we had plenty in the past.Thank you!

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