For yvettearlene: Um, what?

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

Yvettearlene "asked": hi stephanie i just cant seem to leave this alone.i have been trying different spells to make my lover return to and the last person told me i will see results within 1-12 weeks.i posted before and want to know if they still think on me they were born on 2nd april 1974.please read for me to tell me why they are so resistant to me or if they still want to talk to me.thank you.

I'll be honest, I don't know what you're asking from me. The pronoun "they" was used frequently, and I wasn't quite clear on what "they" you meant.

However, although I'm not sure what your question was, I am concerned for you. From what I'm reading (and that part seems to jibe with your previous question), you seem very intent on the return of a lover. I can sympathize with the notion.

But, when you speak of "spells to make my lover return," you move beyond my sympathy and travel into a place I can't support. People who love other people don't "make them" return, don't even want them to return unless it's where the people they love want to be.

Why? Because love isn't about having people with you or controlling them. It's about wanting what's best for them, wanting them to be happy. Making someone come back to you (or stay with you) if that's not where they want to be isn't a sign of love; it's a sign of obsession and not the healthy kind.

Perhaps you should look to your own life for fulfillment. If the lover you want is meant to be with you, he is unlikely to accept you until you've found your own balance, made peace with yourself and learned to live your own life.

Then you'll have something worthwhile to share.


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