For yvettearlene: Will I Get My Love Back?

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

yvettearlene asked: i would like to find out please if it is possible the person i still love and i will get back together in the next three months if they still have any romantic feelings left for me or if i am deluding myself COMPLETELY.

Well, let's check it out.

Past - VII The Chariot - In this location, it talks about conflict, trials with a potential for success. But it also speaks of male bellicosity and female passivity, gender extremes. A relationship is clearly noted, but I can't tell if it was a balanced relationship.

Present - Page of Wands (reversed) - Heartbreaker, intolerant, moody, quick-tempered, cruel, calculating, and a loner... If this is a representative of the person you love, it does not look promising for getting back together (or, if you do, for it being a healthy relationship).

Future - Knight of Coins (reversed) - petty, surly, grasping, someone calls your bluff, misunderstanding.


I have to say, I don't see a "getting back together" here - I do see the potential for holding on to something too long and a relationship becoming more and more painful. I don't see, at least in these cards, hope for a life-long love.

I'm sorry.


  • Shakespeare

    It's been a while since I caught up, but given the response in the post just AFTER this one, I'd say you probably called it well.

    Excellent work, as usually, my dear Holmes.

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