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>> Friday, November 20, 2009

AJ said: I’m glad that I came across your blog, i found some very useful and interesting posts. I'd like to ask you what is the tarot cards' advice for my love life.

Past - Coins VIII - This is a card of prudence. Quiet success through dililgence and moderation. I can't tell if this is representative of your past love life, per se, or just that romance has not been your priority as you've been working on other aspects of your life.

Present - XIV Temperence (reversed) - In the nominal position, this card would be a continuation of the previous card, moderation and hard work making a healthy satisfying life. In the reversed position, however, it denotes dissatisfaction and discord, as if either you're not finding life satisfying or that your relationships with others are not going as well as you want them to. Or perhaps changes in your life have undermined your previous success and satisfaction so that you're no longer happy with it. If this is related to romance, it would seem to indicate a relationship that was comfortable has become unsatisfying or is changing in ways that aren't working for you.

Future - Swords VIII - Unfortunately, this card does not argue an improvement for your current situation. It's a card that speaks of imbalance, crisis, conflict, and even a need to escape. If you are in a relationship you were hoping to preserve, this card does not bode well for it's future. I'm sorry.

Best of luck.


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