For Flemlisa: What's Next in My Life

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flemlisa asked: I've been thinking about asking you a question so this seems like a good time. Retired a number of years ago and working part-time now and I am not sure how long this stage of my life is going to last. Would appreciate any insight you can offer.

So, let's try my new birthday cards (Dream Tarot) - what fun! Everyone should know the drill by now...

Past - Cups X - From this card, I'd read that your past appears to be dominated by family and home, perhaps with some emotional strain and challenges as a result, but you'd found your peace, your balance, your harmony. Or that's what I'd take away from this.

Present - XII The Hanging Man - From this, I'd presume that you feel you're in limbo, at a type of crossroads, between the life you once made and whatever else your life has in store. But you've been here a while and you're starting to feel stagnant, suspended, without direction.
Future - Wands III - So, what's next? That is, after all, your question. This is a card with interesting aspects. This card can indicate opportunities, enterprising initiatives, productivity. There is a possibility of travel or even a marriage (or other relationship) based on mutual interests. Perhaps an opportunity to teach something you love.

Wands III is a card that speaks of opportunities, not by way of limiting, but of opening them. From this, I would presume that opportunities do or will exist for you, if you keep your mind and eyes open. Pursuing them can bring another new chapter to your life.

Best of luck.

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