For Krys: What About My Relationship?

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

Krys asked: hi there,, i am having some troubles in my relationship. it's hanging halfway, can i know where this is heading to? i will do watever it takes to save this relationship. can u do a tarot spread for me? thanks


hi ther.. can u pls do a spread for me about my relationship? its rather urgent. thanks a lot:)

Given Krys' urgency, Jeff, I'm going to answer your question tomorrow, but I haven't forgotten it. I look forward to it, in fact.

Krys, I'm going to pull out my old tried and true tarot cards (Tarot of the Cat People) rather than my new but still unfamiliar new tarot cards - given the weight you're giving this. However, before I start, I feel I need to say two things before I pull a single card.

First, as I've said before, these are cards pulled by a stranger remotely. Even if tarot card reading has any relationship to real life (and I'm not saying they do or don't), you should never hinge real life decisions on the turn of a card under these circumstances, or any circumstances. You need to use your best judgment regardless of the cards.

Secondly, you need to understand that not every relationship can or should be saved. Relationships that are abusive, destructive or miserable serve no purpose being dragged forward, no matter how much one or the other wants them to continue. Sometimes one person cares deeply and the other not so much - been in one of those myself - they can't work either. A relationship needs a commitment from both sides. And, even if you have that commitment on both sides, sometimes the problems are more than can be withstood, whether personality mismatch, overwhelming outside force, or a betrayal of trust. I'm not saying that's true of your relationship, just reminding you that there is no magic wand that solves all things.

With the disclaimers out of the way, let's see what we can see.

I'm going with a five card spread.

Far past - Cups X (reversed) - This card is often the sign of romantic bliss, particularly harmony. However, in the reversed position, it denotes stagnation, neglect, carelessness, and suffering. I would surmise this was either a former relationship that went badly or that your current relationship had a rocky start or patch in the back.

Recent past - XI Strength - If the last card denoted an unhealthy relationship, this card might indicate liberation from it and finding your own strength. If the first card reflected the early part of the relationship you have now, this would indicate working one's way through those early challenges through determinism, optimism, the triumph of love over hate.

Present - Cups IV - This is a card that speaks of a stagnant relationship, one marked by depression, disillusion or unexpected resentment. However, it can also signal maturity, a realistic attitude toward love as you and/or your loved one grows and realize that the rosy fantasies of youth don't reflect reality.

Near future - XX Rejuvenation - Again, this is a card with more than one meaning (actually that often happens). It can mean liberation and life-altering change, as if the end of a relationship, but for the good. However, given the trend of past cards, I'm thinking it might mean forgiveness and readjustment, an improvement and a recovery of what once was lost. If so, your relationship may be in recoverable and lead to something better in the end.

Far Future - Pentacles (Coins) V - Following the trend of the other cards (and what feels right to me), I think the end result I'm seeing here is success after hard work. At least that's the answer that comes to me.

One of the telling things about all the cards (but the first) I pulled is that they almost all have dual meanings, often polar opposites. What I'd glean from that is that you relationship is salvageable, even satisfying but that it will involve work on your part. You can't wait for it to solve itself. If you have done something that needs forgiveness, make amends, come clean, take responsibility. If you are faced with a betrayal of trust, you will have to forgive and open your heart for it to work.

Good luck.


  • krys

    heys stephanie.. thanks for u reading, i never knew that u would actually do one for me. thanks a lot, i will keep that in mind and i do believe what u said from ur readings.

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