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>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

SWAD asked: My husband has some job offers, some from our country, a couple abroad... earlier things did not work out when we went abroad... would luck be with us this time? What do your Tarot cards say?

Before I start this reading, I think I'm overdue for my disclaimer. I've been asked many tarot questions by several new readers and I don't want to be misleading. I read tarot as a hobby, not a profession, but even if I was the latter, I'd recommend anyone take a reading with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially since it's all remote. I'm not saying tarot's hooey, but then I can't say it's not either. At best, the tarot reading should help clarify what you would like to do or give you confidence in a path you already want to take. If you feel it's pushing you into something you're not comfortable with, don't do it. Never discard your judgment for anything the cards might tell you.

When I wrote short stories on tarot (the reason I learned to read them), one of the points I made was that even hearing what they said (and noting it was always true) didn't always mean you knew what they really meant. So, I'm saying, use your best judgment. Seriously.

Alright, to the reading.

Past - XII The Hanged Man (Reversed) - I'm sensing a need for sacrifice that seemed more than reasonable.

Present -Wands V (Reversed) - This is a card that speaks of complexities, contradictions and indecision. Apparently you are faced with a difficult choice that concerns you. Which is why you're asking the question.

Future - Wands III (Reversed) - Interesting card. Another one that goes more than one way. On the one hand, there's the potential for a lessening of trouble, help with plans and wariness of that help. But there's also a potential for a delay in traveling, delay in attaining career goals, with the career suffering. From this card, I get a sense that it's either/or, as if your reticence to travel could adversely affect your career (or rather your husband's in this case).

I'm going to pull a couple cards for clarity.

Coins (Pentacles) VIII - Intelligence, cunning, craftsmanship, diligence, and respect. Clearly, this is indicative of what a job will require and hints at what can be gained by doing the job well.

Coins (Pentacles) IV - There's a real chance here, according to this card, with financial gain, career advancement, success.

I guess I'd have to say not to let your fears make this decision but to take the job with the best future prospect, and that will work out for the best if you do a good job. At least, according to the cards.


  • flit

    Sounds like good advice to me.

    Also, attitudes matter - if you view the last experience as a learning experience that can help this opportunity go better (rather than as an indication that this one is likely to be just as bad) it will help. Honest.

  • Anonymous

    yes.. I agree with Flit. If one sees everything from a negative perspective, one can never get anywhere..

    Anyway.. thanks a lot for the reading..My husband and I appreciate your efforts on our behalf.


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