For Mizé: A reading on divorce

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mizé asked: Íd like to ask you a reading for my love life. Íve recently separated from a 15 years partner from which I have a daughter and I think I still have feelings for him. He insists on divorcing but told me that we could get along better after it. Should I trust this view? Ask your cards if he still loves me and if this vision of his is for real, will you?

Past - Swords V (reversed) - This card speaks of distance between friends, distrust, jealousy and lies. My feeling is that suspicion and miscommunication, mistrust, stepped between a close relationship and undermined it's strengths.

Present - 0 The Fool (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card speaks of apathy, indecision, wrong decisions, confusion and distrust. I don't know who distrusts who, but it argues that right now the relationship is stagnant and at least one of you is very hesitant to make a real change in it. But, where you are now is not healthy for anyone. So, if you move, if you divorce, then what?

Future - Wands VII - Wands VII is a card of success through courage, patience and tenacity. It's a card of standing on one's own and independence and finding yourself as a result.

I'm sorry, because I know you are worried about the divorce (and divorce is not fun under the best of circumstances, even when it's the best thing), but the cards seem to think this will be good for you. Difficult, challenging, but you'll be better off in the end.

You asked if he still loved you and I didn't get an indication, so I'm going to pull a couple more cards - and look, a couple of the higher arcana cards.

XX Rejuvenation (also Judgment) - This is a great card for your future, especially with all the uncertainty associated with your current position. It's a card about rebirth, rejuvenation, finding yourself. It's a card of forgiveness and finding your destiny.

X Wheel of Fortune - adapation, culmination, happy ending.

I don't know if you and your partner will find yourselves together again in the future, but the cards seem to think that moving on is the healthiest thing for you, the manner in which you'll find your destiny. It's scary and challenging, but it can all work out better than you ever expected.


  • Jeff King

    best of luck what ever you choose...

  • Anonymous

    I'm intriqued with this tarot reading of yours. I hope the best for Mize.

    I'm in a marriage that isn't happy. Am torn between being selfish and unselfish. To be selfish would mean my happiness.

    What does the cards have to say about the outlook of my marriage?

    Thank you in adavanced.


  • Mizé

    Hello. Thanks so much for your reading.
    The reading representing the past is very accurate. We both don´t trust each other anymore due to several things that happened.
    Deep inside me I know that moving on is the healthiest thing for me but I´m having difficulties accepting this change. Divorcing would mean to let go (lose) of someone I still have feelings for but I must overcome this obsessive relation which isn´t healthy anymore. Overall, I must agree with the cards.
    Once again, thanks for your reading.
    My best regards, Mizé.

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