For Ayda: Will I make it to New Zealand?

>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ayda asked: i have a question for your tarot cards. I'm planing to move, probably to New Zealand, in a few years. I just finished my study, still have some things to finish first. Is it going to happen?

Lots of travel tarot questions recently. Let's see what the cards have to say.

Past - Seven of Pentacles (Coins) - Nice card for building a base. This card speaks of selfless work, waiting for a dividend, eventual growth and eventual return on investment. If you've been pursuing education, this make excellent sense and argues your academic choices will eventually pay off.

Present - Ace of Pentacles (Coins) (Reversed) - In the reversed position, this card speaks of financial setbacks and penury, but also of working to repay those debts. Could reflect working hard to repay current debts to prepare for the future.

Future - Ace of Swords - This is one of the cards that overwhelmingly has positive characteristics (like triumph, decisive moves paying off and unbelievable luck) but has the potential for the opposite as well (bad news or a failure of something to materialize). I feel like the former is more appropriate, especially considering the auspicious card for your past, however, I'm going to pull one more card to make sure.

XIX The Sun - Yay, looks like I was right! Achievement, success, triumph, wealth and glory.

So, if going overseas is what you're hoping for, the cards appear to be on your side. Good luck!


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