For AJ: What About My Friendship

>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

AJ asked: What does the cards have to say about our friendship, will it grow into relationship in time?

Sorry, I've been out with the flu, so I'm behind. Bear with me. I am working on my Tarot Queen novel, so there's at least that. OK, AJ, I'm assuming it's a friendship with someone else, but here goes.

Past - Cups II (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card speaks of disappointment, short-lived relationships and foolishness. I don't know if this refers to your current relationship or an indication of many in the past.

Present - Queen of Pentacles (Coins) (Reversed) - not an auspicious card for present relationships. This card, in the reversed position, involves being critical, nagging, vindictive, capricious, extravagant and difficult to deal with.

Future - Wands III (reversed) - cold, self-centered and and stubborn.

All the cards were in the reversed position and I'll tell you honestly that I'm a little concerned that my recent flu might have affected this reading. If the present and past seem applicable, I'd say the cards don't look favorable for a healthy future relationship. If, however, the past and present seem completely skewed from your understanding, I urge you to assume it was skewed. Let me know, and I'll try again when I'm more recovered.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Stephanie,

    you are mostly right about the past & present, so you recent flu didn't affected your reading:)). I was quite sure things will go this way. Take care and thank you for the reading!


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