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>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Julia asked: Hey Stephanie, i have a question for your tarot cards too, i'm sorry it's not very creative. But i'm single for quite some time and i'd like to know what have cards to say about my love life. Thanks!

Ah, l'amour. Let's see what we got here.

Past - Swords VII - Well, according to this card, you've tried. You persevered, you searched, but with little progress. There are elements of this card that can emcompass passivity, self-deceit and over-defensiveness, but there is also independence and introspection. I'd take from this card that you haven't always had a good sense of self, but that you've either developed one or are in the progress of doing so. You want to believe love is out there, but you haven't found it yet.

Present - XV The Devil (reversed) - this card in the reversed position can go several ways. My first instinct is that it could be escaping from an entanglement that wasn't healthy, wasn't working for you, didn't have the future you wanted. Or it could mean enlightenment, self-realization, a coming to understand what you do and do not have to put up with for love. And, yes, it can be both. From this card, I would deduce that the cards are of the opinion, if you're with someone right now, that someone isn't the one for you.

Future - Pentacles (Coins) VII - This is a card that generally speaks of fortunes and career, about hard work paying off and reaping the benefits of years of endeavor. It might still apply to love, but it would indicate that your self-realization, your work to understand yourself is part of the appeal to someone else, someone who will appreciate what you've made yourself, respect it, admire it. It argues a quiet love affair, without the fireworks and the madness, but with the comfort and the understanding, with regard and respect, the kind of things that make a relationship last. But you will have to be willing to assess yourself in order to find the right path. There are, apparently, decisions to come.

Given that last card seemed somewhat ambiguous, I'll pull another one.

Pentacles (Coins) IX (reversed) - This card doesn't feel like love. In the reversed position, it speaks of a swindler or thieves, a cheater or manipulator who might try to use your regard against you. If this is related to love (and pentacles frequently aren't), it might indicate an old love who wants to use your former relationship to his/her advantage.

Wands IV (reversed) - Ah, I feel like this is a card of warning, a path to be wary of. If you are insecure, if you worry and fret or make hasty decisions, romance will remain unfulfilled and you will lose your tranquility.

In the end, we must appreciate ourselves, our strengths, our limitation if we are to make a worthy partner for someone worth loving. Good luck!


  • The Mother

    That last line bears repeating:

    In the end, we must appreciate ourselves, our strengths, our limitations if we are to make a worthy partner for someone worth loving.

    (Not to mention, that self appreciation means we end up with the good guys instead of the abusive schmucks. Which is sort of what you said, just carried to a different level.)

  • The Mother

    Ran into this very interesting article on Tarot in Skeptic Magazine (yes, Skeptic). He makes a really cool point about the scarier cards in the deck and how they can be used to manipulate the readee by unscrupulous readers.

    I thought you might enjoy his alternative cards:

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, i'll take a look at it.


  • Anonymous

    How about this: Will I get this job I interviewed for? And, if not, will I have other career options? Hope this isn't too much! :) Thanks.


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