For Avan: Will we move?

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

Avan asked: We want to move away from the current place we are in and ASAP... any chance of that happening?

I presume you're looking for a tarot reading.

Past - Pentacles (Coins) VIII (reversed) - financial and work pressure, pitilessness. From this, I'd get the impression that you have been working in an environment that is focused primarily on profit, first, foremost, always, with pressure to perhaps cut corners, work long hours or compromise integrity in order to get that profit.

Present - Queen of Pentacles (Coins) - This card speaks of a different environment (or mindset), one that is focused on kindness and practicality, economical and ambitious in useful ways. There's a hint of environmental awareness and nurturing. If this is where you feel today, than the environment of the past was stifling and painful.

Future - Swords III - separation, absence, disappointment and getting hurt. Hmm. It's not clear but this card could indicate that rather than both of you moving, one of you will leave out of necessity - something that will put a strain on the situation. However, that's not necessarily the only explanation.

I'll pull a couple of cards for clarification.

Pentacles (Coins) I - this card speaks of material wealth, new job opportunities, perhaps a financial venture, and prosperity.

Knight of Wands - Ah, well someone appears to be traveling, if this card is accurate. Change of address, adventure, hasty decision and needing aggression in pursuit of goals.

From these cards, it would seem that there is travel/change of address ahead, but it might be more rushed than you like and not as smooth as it might be, perhaps including a separation. However, there is a potential for real financial gain.


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