For AP: What about my career?

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

A.P. asked: could you pleas ask your tarot cards about my career?

Yes, I could. Hopefully, everyone's familiar with the drill:

Past - Queen of Cups (reversed) - this card is not the most responsible card in the reversed position. It argues frivolity and self-indulgence. My sense from this card is that you've had a somewhat glamorous job, or one associated with glamor, that you reveled in that, but that you weren't particularly careful with money or didn't really look ahead at other options. Either that or it was a job where egoism and greed are part and parcel, whether or not you indulged in either yourself.

Present - Coins (Pentacles) III (reversed) - This card (in the reversed position) is an effective follow-on to the last card. In this card, egoism and greed cause a reversal in fortunes. It's not clear that the egoism and greed are yours, but I get the sense that they affected your fortunes, financial and perhaps otherwise.

Future - Cups III - Ah, but things look up in the cards for you. Ahead I see fulfillment and friendship, apparently in a job that involves communication. It doesn't look like a job as glamorous nor as ruthless as what you've done before, but one that will be satisfying to you.

Again, this seems pretty clear given the question. If you have more questions or would like me to pull a clarification card, let me know.


  • Anonymous

    Hi...just happened to land on your site and found it very very interesting...see you have helped a lot of people with advice on their careers and such...could you give a reading on where my career is headed? Any change in position?

    Regrds DC

  • Mizé

    Hi, I just found your blog and I think it´s really cool. I´ve always believed that Tarot can guide us.
    I´d like to ask you a reading for my love life. I´ve recently separated from a 15 years partner from which I have a daughter and I think I still have feelings for him. He insists on divorcing but told me that we could get along better after it. Should I trust this view? Ask your cards if he still loves me and if this vision of his is for real, will you?

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