For Shakespeare: Hubby Part 1

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shakespeare asked: I'd like a Tarot reading for my husband, or perhaps two--one for career, one for domestic life. How likely is change in his immediate future, and how will that affect his family overall?

In the interest of doing a single reading per post, so we'll start with the career. You, I know, know the drill.

Past - Cups II (reversed) - disappointment, short term relationships, not seeing eye to eye. Given what I know about Richard, this argues that his work to date has involved interpersonal friction, has never been a long term commitment and hasn't been as fufilling as he had hoped from a work standpoint.

Present - V The High Priest (reversed) - This one's harder to interpret, but I'd have to say that there's a conflict between what someone expects him to do and what he thinks is the right thing to do. I have the sense that it starts small but, as it progresses, it becomes more and more uncomfortable.

Future - IV The Emperor - So far, the cards are not clear on the choices that he faces or whether he'll remain where he is now or not; however, this card makes a strong case that the eventual outcome will be very good. This speaks of a position of power and material strength, a position that requires structure and organization, but also charisma and skill. It speaks of a position where he can follow his own thoughts and call his own shots, make a difference.

Since I'm guessing you're looking for insight in his career path, I'm pulling two more cards:

Page of Swords - This just appears to be a card representing Richard - vigilant, flexible, stubborn, managerial and perceptive

XIV Temperence (reversed) - Lots of related but not identical concepts with this one so I'm going to pick the definition(s) that seems most likely. Inability to work with others and the proven proves inconsistent. I would say, from this card, that the conflict reflected in the present card may make where you work now untenable, but the outlook, even if you break from your normal pattern, is still good.

Let me remind you again to be wary of putting too much faith in remote tarot readings...

Oh, and yes, I did my workout.


  • Jeff King

    Nice work on both projects. Doing your blog and doing your work out...

    Sorry i have not been around, but the flu has but me down for the last 4 days. i tried to post up but could only visit one blog before i felt dizzy from looking at the screen.

    Hopefully tomorrow i will feel a little better.

  • Shakespeare

    Yay, you did your workout!

    I'm so proud of you!

    And I'm sorry, Jeff, that you've been sick. Do you have H1N1? I hope I don't get it! I can't be away from my computer for four days straight. I'll be fired!

    Very perceptive stuff, as usual, Tarot Queen...

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