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>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anonymous (Katrina) asked: I'd like to know what to expect from an online friend I have had for the past two years. What does your tarot cards have to say about this? A friendship worth keeping? Does this person feel as I do? Is it real? friend? or foe? or a possible soul mate?

Let's see what the tarot cards have to say.

Past - Pentacles (Coins) VIII - Since you asked about a particular person (and your relationship with him/her), I'm assuming this card is talking about your friend or your relationship. From this card, which has to do with building things with care, I would say it seems like you've both built this relationship carefully over time, that your friend is methodical and patient, intelligent and even-tempered. I'd say it was a relationship based on respect.

Present - Ace of Pentacles (Coins) - This is a card often associated with finances, and you didn't mention those, so I'm going to assume that it's a reflection of your relationship and it's non-monetary wealth. If so, then it indicates a relationship very wealthy indeed. Success, prosperity. I'm guessing that a personal meet is in order because physicality is mentioned and that seemed pertinent to me.

Future - Knights of Cups (reversed) - If you were hoping this would become a romantic relationship, this card does not indicate that it will be easy as it, in a reversed state, indicates confusion in love and convoluted traveling.

I asked for clarification.
VII The Chariot (reversed) - this argues of strained tensions, perhaps expectations that are too high or emotions running too high, even bullying and being overwhelmed.
XXI The World (reversed) - In the reversed position, this argues failure at the last minute, goodbyes, making a fresh start.

XIII Death - This card is not as scary as it sounds. Can it mean endings? Yes, but it can also mean starting with a clean slate, beginning again, transformations.

I can't tell you what the final outcome will be, not with the cards I've drawn, but I can tell you that is likely to be challenging. And, if you're the emotional one in this relationship, it might be undue pressure for the other to be what the first wants him/her to be.

Good luck.


  • Anonymous

    Wow!Interesting stuff

    I'd like one more baby, but my partner isn't very keen. Are chances favorable (money)? If so how soon?

    Mom of 1

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