For AmyOops: What Do You See in my Tarot?

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

AmyOops asked: what do you see in my tarot?

Well, AmyOops, I'll see what it says. Do note that, without a specific question, the answer could be about your life as a whole or just one tiny aspect of your life and, as always, I encourage everyone to take any remote readings by a complete stranger with a grain of salt, even if you absolutely believe. And, if you don't absolutely believe (I don't myself), make that two grains. Which isn't to say that I'm convinced it doesn't work, just that I'm not convinced it does (and can't explain how it might do it either way).

Past - Pentacles VIII - this is a card about craftsmanship, of working with your hands, of industry. With no other data, I would say this is a card that talks about a life as a technician or a carpenter, someone who knew how to build things, who was intelligent and loved to create something from nothing with his or her mind and hands. I get a sense of contentment in that, if not riches or financial stability.

Present - Wands II (reversed) - In the reverse position, this card speaks of loss and sorrow, perhaps obstacles that were unexpected, impediments from others or help that didn't come in time. It speaks of struggle and, I suspect, a loss of that contentment you once had.

Future - XVIII The Moon (reversed) - This is one of my favorite cards, a card that frequently comes up as representation of myself. In the reverse position, it speaks of an uneasy peace after trouble, of coming to grips with deception or misdirection, but learning from it to start again. It's not happy in this position, but it also not without hope of finding a new peace, a new contentment with the lessons that have been learned the hard way.

Since I don't know what you were looking for, I can't ask for clarification. If the answer speaks to you, do let me know. If it doesn't, feel free to ask more questions and I'll see if I can help you figure out what it is trying to say.


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