For Shakespeare: Tarot for the Daughter

>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shakespeare said: Ooh, and I'd also like a Tarot reading for my daughter, mainly regarding school and friendships. She's switching schools next year, and Brandon is going to be there full-time, too. Even something about summer would be cool.

Shakespeare, Shakespeare, pick a question. :) I'll focus on your daughter's school and friendships. It may or may not include summer. Will that work?

Past - VII The Chariot (reversed) - this card would seem to argue that school hasn't been all that easy, that there has been some bullying and tension in the past.

Present - Knight of Pentacles (reversed) - this card speaks of pettiness and misunderstanding, but also of someone backing off. Perhaps, whatever problem she had has been faced and vanquished. Perhaps she made a special friend, someone who really is a true friend.

Future - Five of Cups - this group speaks of separation and sorrow, distance between friends. If she has close friends now, this card would argue that this would strain those relationships and doesn't (in and of itself) offer new friendships to replace the others. However, those the relationships are stressed, the card specifies that the friendships are not lost, not gone forever - specifically "no permanent endings." There is mention of loyalty and trustworthiness and even the hope of emotional fulfillment.

Going by the cards (and I advise against taking tarot too seriously), it would argue that your daughter struggles to make good friends and can be the recipient of some teasing. The present card argues that she was making strides, finding friends, finding her place. As she moves to the future, she will at least feel that she is starting over from scratch, that her friendships have been severed, that she will never have friends again, but the card is hopeful not only that her friendships aren't over, but that there fulfilling experiences still to come.

I added a question: how can you and your daughter make this transition easier. I pulled the Six of Pentacles. This card talks about generosity and hospitality, perhaps sponsoring playdates or making a point of making the opening gambits instead of waiting them. Hard for shy children, I know.

I asked about long term prospects; instead I got a word of caution. Queen of Wands (reversed): falseness and treachery. Choosing friends who are of high caliber, even if few and far between, will serve her far better than taking the easy regard of the fickle and unscrupulous.

In any case, the cards predict some struggles in the future, but patience will be rewarded and being selective will garner her the kind of friends that anyone would cherish.


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