>> Friday, April 10, 2009

OK, I know I owe Shakespeare the second have of her question on getting a blog more visibility (as if we all didn't want that). And I owe JD a rendition of "What a Feeling" from Flashdance. Relax Max said he'd be back with a question, though I don't think he has yet.

judemiller wanted to know how to put a picture in the middle of the post. I have no idea, but that's on my list to find out.

For those who have dropped or contacted via the blogcatalog or any other method, I will return your drops and contacts. I'm just falling behind at the moment. I have an explanation up at Rocket Scientist. With any luck, I can go back to schedule and catch up with my favorite folks and blogs later this weekend.

You know I love you guys!


  • flit

    picture in the middle of the post on Blogspot?

    put your cursor where you want the picture to end up, then click on the Add a picture button, and upload one... the only real trick to it is what text wrap you choose ... I almost always use left or right - haven't tried the centre one ... but playing with those is likely all thats needed.

    Have fun with the workin' stuff :)

  • Lola

    I load the picture to my blog post, then cut it and paste it where I want it to appear in my post.

  • judemiller1

    Thanks all--I tried the first suggestion and for some reason it didn't work. The picture plopped right at the top of my blog. I shall keep trying and try a cut and past also. Thanks again.

  • beth

    I am having one of those kinds of weeks, too. Really like your blog, though, so I'll be back.

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