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>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wheel of Fortune from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen KuykendallShakespeare queried: I have a Tarot Queen question. I’ve applied for three full-time jobs, all teaching English, but I may also have the chance to teach part-time and fit all of the part-time teaching easily into what my kids are doing in school full-time. What is likely the best option for me, given my personality, my needs, the needs of my family, and the economy?

In this instance, I’m going to start by asking the cards, which option is best. But, after I ask, I’ll ask for clarification, for why the cards think so. Given that answer, you can, hopefully, find what you seek.

For the first question: Which option will work best for me? I pulled three cards.

0 The Fool - This card, I believe, speaks of where you are now, more potential than implementation. You’ve been in a holding pattern, not using your gifts, skills and assets to their fullest. Instead, you’ve been raising your children, which is an essential activity, but not so much a use of your gifts as a part of your nature, if you see the distinction. Your own future and potential has been held in abeyance, waiting. As a result, you have enjoyed some return to childlike innocence, some spontaneity, but also some dissatisfaction as your reins have pulled tighter and tighter.

King of Wands - This is your future, your choice, but, although it clearly indicates education, it isn’t clearly full time or part time. It does argue being in charge and responsibility, some measure of self-sacrifice and accomplishment.

Four of Pentacles - This adds to the same theme. Increased responsibility, material advantage, success, ownership.

My gut says this indicates one of the full time positions. I’ll double check. Ace of Wands would seem to agree.

I know this makes care for you children, even though they will both be going to school next year, more challenging. Let me ask why.

Ace of Pentacles (reversed) - this speaks of debt and financial setbacks. Seems logical that this is an indication of the economy and general uncertainties. Even if you aren’t in hardship, a solid job can not only provide financial margin but also give you a firm foothold for career in your own right, a prudent move in a volatile world.

Cups II (reversed) - normally, I would see this card as a sign of a relationship in trouble, but I don’t think it’s the case here. I think, instead, it’s an indication that you need to break away from the hold your relationships have had over your career. If you choose a career to accommodate your children’s needs in lieu of your own, you will not break out of your past pattern. You will always care deeply and care for your children. They will never lack for attention, but putting them before your needs here will mean your needs will continue to be unmet.

Queen of Swords - this speaks of feminine needs and self-reliance. You have a perception that you are not doing enough for yourself or your family. Your days are filled with tasks that are things you don’t prefer to do, but that you do because you feel it’s necessary, often at the expense of what you long to do. And you never feel it’s enough. You will need to be contributing on an a similar basis before you start to give yourself the same accommodations you carve out for everyone else in your family.

I was surprised because I was thinking you’d probably want to start part time and give yourself a better transition. However, as I look at the cards, clearly they think a clean start, jumping into something that give you real satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment is what will work best for you. And, when they put it that way, hey, I have to agree.

Hope that helps.

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  1. fliton 17 Mar 2009 at 6:45 pm edit this

    that is a very detailed reading!

    good luck with whatever you decide, shakespearemom

  2. shakespeareon 18 Mar 2009 at 11:04 am edit this

    It’s a great reading. I think your readings are dead-on. Given the economy, I know that a full-time job might not even present itself, and I want the right one, anyways, not just one that pays more. But I want it to be fulfilling, most of all. If it makes me happy, I’ll be happy for my kids when I get home. And if it doesn’t, I won’t be happy for my kids when I get home.

    I’d really like to have a faculty office again, even if that means I have to use a PC again (lol).

    Thanks so much for the reading. Illuminating, as always. You have a gift.

  3. oldwestmomon 18 Mar 2009 at 4:47 pm edit this

    I love the tarot queen! I want to ask the tarot queen a question, but I don’t want to squander my question. I want to ask something really deep and meaningful…so I’ll work on it.

    In the meantime, even though I know you have no need for such trifle things, I posted an award for ya on my site. Yes, it’s a little cheesy, but that’s ok.

  4. fliton 18 Mar 2009 at 8:01 pm edit this

    I’m proof o’ that, oldwestmom….I love the tarotqueen too :)

    i’d be interested in knowing if the cards have any opinions relating to potential living situations for the next couple of years…. we are totally ambivilant…. and rarely both in the same place at the same time

    Today ross was going on about buying…but what if you only need to be there the 2 years and then we have to move again and it won’t be worth it to have bought, etc etc

  5. DrBurston 19 Mar 2009 at 10:11 am edit this

    I really hope this is the best way to ask a question, I’m really sorry if I wasn’t suppose to ask questions in the comments.

    I’m a high school senior and I really am starting to feel burnt out. Everything was fine before I got into college, but that changed after that day. I have dyslexia and I’m in English support lab, I remember at least two professionals saying I wouldn’t make it past the 5th grade when I first got diagnosed.

    So, I got into a really good college which shocked everyone. Now, I feel like I must prove myself in someway. So, I’ve been working harder, basically placing every piece of time into school except the hour or so I blog. (The reason I blog is for my professional life, I want to become an expect in my blog’s subject.)

    The thing is, I love the classes I take and it annoys me that I’m not getting straight A’s. In fact, when I placed more time into school I felt even more like I was drowning in work. What’s wrong with me, why I can’t I get straight A’s. This year I’m taking my first AP classes and I love them, but I’m not getting A’s in that class either.

    It’s just annoying because I fear making a mistake when I become an Aerospace Engineer, if I where to mess up my calculations, people might die. For example, I got a 78 on my last math test all because I did the factoring wrong, but I knew all the new material. What’s wrong with me?


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