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>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tarot of the Cat Peopleflit asked: i’d be interested in knowing if the cards have any opinions relating to potential living situations for the next couple of years…. we are totally ambivilant…. and rarely both in the same place at the same time.

Like for Shakespeare’s fortune, I’m going to ask the cards what situation is best to pursue and then ask why:

Nine of Swords (reversed): This seems like a good indication of you, hon. This card, in its reversed position, is all about worrying and obsessing, anxiety. There’s also a hint of the feeling of imprisonment which, with your current situation makes sense. With your home in one city and your school in another, yet no license, it’s no wonder you’re fretting.

Eight of Pentacles (reversed): It looks like a key factor in all this will be thrift, finding the most cost effective situation, what’s cheapest. In the end, it looks like, calculating financial concerns will take precedence and be a key deciding factor.

Knight of Wands: This card speaks of hasty decisions and impetuousness. It could indicate a change of address, but the key element appears to be making the decision in the heat of the moment, as opposed to planning what is really best for you and for the long run.

Rather than providing an answer, I would say these cards are providing a warning of things to watch out for, to guard against. You’re feeling anxious and trapped, but rather than leading you to a decision, it just circles around as you and Ross vacillate, without making a firm decision (and potentially letting your optimum choices go by). Money, even slight differences, seems to be a key driver (but I get the sense that it’s not necessarily the best choice) and there’s also the potential for an opportunity to come out when you’re in a vulnerable state that induces you to grab it without necessarily thinking it through. Again, this hasty decision (and I presume it’s your school address, though…hmm, I wondered if you got an offer on your current hous - just a fleeting thought) may not turn out to be optimal.

I’d say that I would focus on reaching an informed and considered opinion before your choices begin to drop away, make sure the big picture is part of the thinking, rather than just money, and consider big or unexpected opportunities carefully before rushing into it.

I’m guessing this response was more of an inability to tell me what you were going to do, rather than what solution is optimum for you. I’ll ask again.

Ace of Wands (reversed): Vacillation, thwarted goals, frustrated plans. Well, it may also be that your first plan (that considered one I mentioned) may fall through. I expect this card is not helping with that general anxiety. Not really helping so, I’ll try again.

Five of Wands: Apparently, that first plan that falls through is very frustrating and causes strife, no real surprise. Life’s not fair, but your career, in this card, looks like it comes through despite the frustration. One more time.

Four of Wands: Again, career is successful, but success after hardship, rest after turmoil, harmony and, definitely, financial success. So, perseverence will pay off. But no hint of what you do to get there.

Unfortunately, still no hint for this reader on the eventual path you choose. I tried one last time and got Page of Cups (reversed) which means, among other things, inscrutable. I’m taking the hint. Clearly, the cards are not going to tell me what you should do. Perhaps, knowing where you’ll end up may work against the path you’ll take to get there. It looks to be a rocky path, but all indications are that, if you’re diligent, it will take you where you want to go.

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  1. shakespeareon 19 Mar 2009 at 6:36 pm edit this

    WOW! I’d like to hear from flit what she thinks of this answer. I’ve heard back from two of my full-time job apps, just to let me know my application was complete and it might be a few weeks before they go through applications. It’s funny, but I’m really gravitating toward a full-time gig. I will definitely check back to see what flit says!

    Can I tell you I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog?

  2. stephanieebarron 19 Mar 2009 at 6:42 pm edit this

    Of course you can.

    “I can take any amount of criticism, so long as it is unqualified praise.”
    –Noel Coward

  3. fliton 19 Mar 2009 at 7:55 pm edit this

    well poop ….. while I’m sure it’s a great reading, was kind of hoping for a nice, clear response easily boiled down to rent or buy :)

    we did decide to hold off on applying for residence impetuously …while it seems like it might be a good option and we were tempted to just go for it rather than risk losing it, we’ve decided to give it a bit more time and at least explore other options

    the feeling trapped thing is interesting…. biggest reason I’m home tonight is that I just could not handle the thought of one more night in the motel…. seemed altogether too much to ask ….. hours and hours with shitty Internet all for a 1 hour meeting that I just don’t find helpful enough to justify it

    When I talked to motel people today, they were offering to do whatever … including chauffeuring me back & forth to my classes if need be… if I want to continue staying there.

    Obviously I don’t…but on the other hand, it gives me an option so that I don’t have to go off half-cocked.


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