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>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am a bad substitute blogger. I did fully intend to write this post earlier.... just as soon as I finished the last of my essays ...

but then I had dinner ...

and no sooner had a finished eating than the left side of my face blew up.

I somehow developed a HUGE uncomfortable swelling that has taken over pretty much the whole side of my jaw. So instead of being a good substitute blogger - and celebrating the completion of my essays, I got to spend the several hours in our local emergency room. ~Fun~ times!

Anyway, I'm fine, if a ~leetle~ stoned on painkillers .... and while Steph is away I shall do my best to cover this blog for her.

So if you have any questions .... about whatever, but keep in mind that I am most assuredly NOT a rocket scientist... I will do my best.


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