Shutting Her Down

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

So, here's the thing. Blogging has become a chore, generally. No longer something I want to do, but something I feel obligated to do. I feel I owe it to people instead of doing it for joy. I took off for my vacation, making a point of taking time to do things I wanted to do . . . and blogging didn't really come up.

Well, truth is, I have enough obligations between my children and my husband and my full time job and my somewhat demanding avocations. I'm not willing to continue pursuing a voluntarily activity that isn't voluntary, or at least, not to the level I has been. Three blogs is just too much for someone who isn't into it. Between Rocket Scientist and Ask Me Anything, I've written 677 posts, many of which I'm quite proud of. But I feel like I've said what I'd wanted to say with them.

So, I'm retiring them. I'll leave them up a bit longer, perhaps indefinitely. And I'll keep up Rockets and Dragons which will be primarily focused on writing fiction, since that particular avocation still calls me and compels me. If you want to find me, say hi, ask a question, you can find me there. I'll migrate my favorite blogs from these lists over there and I'll still try to come round, though it might not be as often as it once was. Only so many hours in the day and I have to fit sex--er--sleep in there somewhere.

It has been a great deal of fun. I've learned a lot and made a few exceptional blog buddies.

Thank you for coming by so often. And a good road to you.


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