For Shweta: Where's My Soulmate?

>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shweta asked: hey stephanie... could u please read the tarot for me and tell me when i am going to meet my soulmate. I just had had a heartbreak...n it still hurts...but its ok..all i want to noe is when i am going to meet the perfect love.. the soulmate i am waititng for.. could plz read the tarot n tell me...

I'm assuming you're also anonymous since you both asked the same thing.

Past - Swords III - Separation, disruption, unrequited love. Sounds like your heartbreak right there.

Present - Coins III - This card is about practicing one's skills and industry, focusing on your profession or trade, practical skills. From this, I'd say the cards are thinking that you might have a bit of time where you'll be focusing on something other than love.

Future - III The Empress - The Empress, however, argues that love and family are in your future. The empress is about womanly power, fertility, family, marriage. Which argues that your soulmate is out there and will find you (or vice versa).

I've never had any luck pinpointing a "when" - I'm hoping and if will suffice.


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