For miss K: Mr. B.

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

miss k asked: hello stephanie.. i hav a ques for u. it's simple. currently me and mr.B are not talkin to each other (due to sth that he did) and i told him i never wanna see him again. the thing is, the ques is.. will the matter be resolved and will he contact me back? funnily, i somehow hav a feeling that he would. but it's just a feeling tho. thank you for ur reading.

I'm usually very tolerant of misspelling and grammar, but I have to mention that I'd prefer not to address questions better suited to twitter, chat ot text messaging. I understand imperfect grammar, punctuation and spelling can happen to the best of us, but there is a limit.

As for your question, I'm assuming you don't feel it's resolved as it is. I'll do my standard past, present and future.

Past - Cups I - This card speaks of nascent (beginning) relationships (particularly romance), raw emotions and someone who cares for you. If this is a reflection of Mr. B, then it argues he cared about you, that he was a nurturing and healing influence.

Present - XX Judgement - Not surprisingly, this is a card of judgement and change, of key decisions that affect life or death. This card also holds the possibility of forgiveness and improvement.

Future - Wands III (Reversed) - In the reversed position, this card speaks of lessening trouble, but also a wariness of help, perhaps a coldness, self-centeredness or stubbornness. It's not clear to me from this card whether the stubbornness works to the making things better or whether they are the impediments to improvement.

I can't tell you whether he will call or not, but the cards seem to agree with a general sense I have that your situation is not resolved as it is. If it's pride or stubbornness that keeps you from addressing it directly (or him), perhaps it can only reach resolution by going past that. But it's not clear.

Good luck.


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