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>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm only posting here when I have a question to answer.

So, if I go long periods of time without posting here, it's because I'm out of questions.

Just FYI.


  • Jeff King

    10-4 when i have somthing worth asking, you will be the first to know.


  • Boris Legradic

    Ha, an obvious ploy for more questions, Madame - and it worked. So here is mine:

    If you had to choose your line of work again, would it still be the same, i.e. awesome rocketry with NASA (personal bias showing through)? What would be your second choice?

    I think I'd choose physics again, although it would be a close call with synthetic biology, which I find really fascinating.


  • Phyl

    Oh, I really like that question!

    I have a related one: if you could decide the direction NASA would take for the next two decades (manned space exploration, going to Mars, concentrating on the space station, doing stuff on the Moon, or something completely different) -- what direction do you think would be best?

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