For Anonymous: What About Mr. Y?

>> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anonymous: can u please do a reading on love for me regarding this new person MR.Y in my life? i was hoping for things to be great. :) thanks Miss T

As a point of interest, there is such a thing as too anonymous. The less information I have, the less likely my reading will mean anything. Not exactly sure why.

But, we'll give it a shot.

Past - Cups 5 (inverted) - In the reversed position, this card describes a past filled with romantic reversal and disappointment. Clearly, your love life has not been fulfilling in the past.

Present - King of Coins - Appears to represent Mr. Y. Someone industrious and practical, slow to anger and intelligent, generous and patient. Someone steady and enduring. Not bad characteristics in a potential lover.

Future - VI The Lovers - I don't think I have to explain it.

Truth is, this is a very propitious reading for potential love and quite clear, no fuzz on it. Very promising.


  • Anonymous

    well, after i had just come out of a broken relationship, he is someone new that i met recently and i am hoping that we could take things to a different level in the future. thanks a lot Stephanie. =D

    Miss KT

  • Anonymous

    and yes, i was the gal with the hanging relationship in the past which i did ask for a reading bout it. again, thanks a lot.

    Miss KT

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