Poetry Seed - Winter Wind

>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

Because, hey, I don't have any questions (and Jeff mentioned the top ten inventions of all time, but how to choose?). So, for entertainment value, I thought I'd start a poem and see if someone else wants to add their bit. One rule - try to keep with the same rhyme/rhythm scheme. 'Cause I'm OCD that way.

Listen to the winter wind, that blows along the lane,
Reminding me of wishful thoughts that I had dreamed in vain:
Adventures I would never have, loves that came to naught,

Knowing how to do things that I was never taught.

The wind, it sings of might-have-beens, of paths I never tread,

Of sports I never learned to play and teams I never led

It sings of lost potential and things I'd never do.

Listen to the winter wind and what it means to you...


  • Anonymous

    this was the first thing that came to mind - it is NOT an addition, it is a reaction. Sometimes I react in poetry LOL Talley Ho!

    Of what-have-beens
    and could-have-beens
    And do I really care?
    For now is all that matters,
    Now is all that I hold dear.

  • Stephanie B

    Seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me.

  • Shakespeare

    Love the beginning. Here's my attempt:

    The cold wind blows into my eyes and chill upon my face,
    It prickles on my neck like itchy, too-starched, stiffened lace
    Until a note of something else, a softly whispered word
    Slips in my mind, a tender name of something I move toward.

    Some memories are lost, and many opportunities
    Have flown like snowflakes do from wintry clouds as droplets freeze,
    But I have met new goals, and found new friends, and built a love,
    Creating more within my little world than I know of.

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