Happy New Year

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for a new decade. Although the last decade is arguably the best one of my life, it's been a bitch of a time for many around the country and around the world. I offer my hopes that things improve drastically for everyone.

One recommendation I have, for those who have the time or money, is seeing Avatar. I don't often review movies, though I love movies. Truly, I have very specific things I'm after and what I'm looking for doesn't mesh, necessarily, with what others are looking for.

With Avatar, I'm at a loss to put my finger on what people could be looking for that they'd miss. Admittedly, I like James Cameron and have since the beginning. If I didn't personally like Titanic as much as some of his other work, I did like it and I could appreciate the broad appeal (and, if you're one of those that said it didn't have any, you're blind to the facts).

  • If you like adventure, it's in there.
  • If you like action, it's in there.
  • If you like a little romance, but not too much, you're covered.
  • If you like a story with a meaning, it's in there.
  • I doubt you need me to tell you that the CGI and effects set new standards, the type of movie that, if possible should be watched on the real movie screen (I saw it on Imax 3D, twice. Not sure how much the 3D really helps. I'm going to have to stop myself from watching again to find out.).
  • There are some critics who found the plot "stupid" but the reasons they quoted showed, in my opinion, a lack of understanding of science, space travel, history and reality. The same things that I found bolstered the plot and made it real for me are the things those critics are caviling at.
  • There are some critics who hated the dialog; clearly, they don't spend much time around military types.
I loved the world envisioned, admired the eye to detail and the biologically sound critters. I loved all the allusions to all the things people love about video games and science fiction, and space travel. I love the old time adventure and the message about the value of people and nature.

If you love that stuff, too, I can't recommend it enough. I brought two different people to the movie, neither of which expected to enjoy it all. One admitted to enjoying it, getting swept up in the story (isn't that what movies are for?) and one described it as the "best movie EVER."

As a rocket scientist and a science fiction writer, I was inspired and entranced.

Just sayin'.

Update: Well, pooh, I meant to put this on Rocket Scientist, and answer Aron Sora's question today, but I messed up. Guess I'll duplicate and get Aron tomorrow.


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