For Anastasia: How About My Love Life?

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anastasia asked: Can you pleas give me a reading about the prospect of my love life? Thx.

I can and just in time for the new year.

Past - Coins X - This is a card the talks about establishing financial security, the kind of thing you might have with retirement. Given that your question had to do with your love life, I'd interpret this card as an indication that your first priority in the past has been career, rather than love. It also argues that you have reached a certain level of success.

Present - Ace of Cups (reversed) - This card in the reversed position is often associated with poverty, which, despite the last card, might not be impossible in the economy. However, it doesn't have to be financial, but also the sense of longing, of dreams and wishes unfulfilled, of a life that's devoid of something necessary. I'd say this card says you're feeling that, along with struggling to start any meaningful relationship.

Future - Coins IV (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card is not hopeful for future relationships (your question). It's a card that speaks of suspicion and greed, the potential for being swindled and dissatisfied. To me, it argues that you move forward on a fine line, one where you either become so desperate for companionship you let a potential lover use and cheat you and/or you become so suspicious someone is planning to use you that you push them away. And, yes, it could be both, particularly if you are badly burned.

You're in a challenging position, driven by loneliness and dissatisfaction to find love and yet having a lifetime accomplishment at risk if someone betrays your trust. I can't tell you who to trust. I can tell you that, if anyone's love comes with a price tag, you are better off lonely (or, more appropriately, waiting). I can also say that, if you are open with your heart (if not your wallet), there are people out there worth trusting with it. If you find one, when you find one, your trust will be the key to having a healthy relationship. Likely, it will be tricky.

Good luck.


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