For Shakespeare: Career Direction

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shakespeare asked: I have a Tarot Queene question for you. My husband has the option of applying for two different new jobs, one halfway across the country, one all the way. He's not sure whether he should even apply for them, or should just hold out here for a few more years. What do the tarot cards say?

Let's give it a whirl. Given the type of question, I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to pull four cards, one to represent "husband", one for the the job halfway across the nation, one all the way, and one for staying put. Depending on the results, I might pull more for clarification.

Husband - XX Rejuvenation aka Judgement (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card indicates that, with regards to this question, your husband is, er, dithering. Procrastination and indecision can readily lead to frustration and stagnation. I'd take from this that your husband, perhaps unknowingly, is approaching a crossroads where he'll have to decide what he really wants.

Halfway across the nation - XI Strength (reversed) - With regards to a position, this is not a propitious card in this position. It speaks of tyranny, discord and abuse of power. From this card, I'd get the sense that this is a very political position, one where the caliber of work is less important that the political infighting.

Across the nation - Cups III - This card, however, is full of promise and fulfillment, contentment and emotional satisfaction. If the cards are any indication, this may be a job worth pursuing.

Staying put - XII The Hanged Man (reversed - this is a card (in the reversed position) where I can see the answer one of two ways, more that it's a choice. If one fails to make the necessary sacrifice, one will reap a commiserate lack of success. However, a sacrifice made will lead to success...eventually. It's not a card that speaks to me of amazing success but the potential for a quiet hard-won success.

I think the cards were pretty clear, but I'd do more research. At least one card seems to argue that there is a good alternative in the offing. Good luck.


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