Twofer: Writing, Jeff and Cardiogirl

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

Since two of you wanted to know about writing, I'll make another Two-fers. I've done a lot of tarot reading today (Halloween and my anniversary); bear with me.

Jeff King asked: Can you give me a reading about the prospect of my book or my writing success? Thx

Past - Knight of Wands (reversed) - since this question is focused on writing, I'm going to say this card is saying that, up until recently, the writing you've done and thought about, Jeff, has been more talking than action, more dream than reality.

Present -XVII The Star - this card is all about what your writing is bringing you: optimism, satisfaction, fulfillment, enlightenment. More than telling stories, you are finding more about yourself and what you want your world to be. It has expanded your horizons and added real magic to your life.

Future -Queen of Cups (reversed) - This card, in the reversed position, speaks of self-pity and self-indulgence, melodrama. Not sure how it answers the question so I'll ask for some clarification.

Cups IV- This is not a propitious card with regards to publishing success - depression, disppointment, lethargy. However, along with those characteristics are balance, pleasure and honesty. I can't say the cards seem to be hopeful with regards to short term publishing success; however, clearly the pleasure and insight you're gaining by writing, by telling the stories, is not lost. What you learn by doing so makes you a better person and, thereby, a better writer. In time, the one may change the prospect of the other. Good luck!

Cardiogirl said: I'm participating in NaNoWriMo in a mere three/four days depending upon your timezone. I'm super geeked and I think I have a winner with this idea. I plan on writing it and editing it crazily so I can find a publisher. And I'm talkin' a real publisher like Harper Collins not Lulu. There's nothing wrong with Lulu per se, but I want a traditional publishing deal. The question: how will I fare with this goal. And the cards are intent on crushing my spirit, so be it. I am very confident and I will not take no for answer. Well, I will take no from the tarot cards but not from the publishers. I'll query 1,000 publishers if I have to.

Again, the subject is writing so I'll bear that in mind when I interpret this.

Past - XI Strength (reversed) - Lack of faith, mixed messages, blank mind. From this, I'd get that past endeavors into writing have either led to dead ends or have not lived up to what you'd first imagined. Or, when it did come through, you didn't have enough faith in what you built to see it through.

Present - Wands X (reversed) - there's an interpretation of this that suggests seeking happy work, working before a harvest, enjoying what you do and a potential that needs to be tapped. That could very well mean that you have an idea well worth plumbing and happy work to make it so - but it looks like a great deal of work.

Future - King of Cups - Once again, not sure how this card relates to the question. It seems to describe a person: manipulative, charming, friendly, sensitive., generous A very multi-faceted creature. Perhaps a character? I need some clarification.

XII The Hanged Man (reversed) - There are two interpretations that come to mind for me on this card in the reversed position. One is a failure to give of oneself, a preoccupation, a failure to make a sacrifice. In that case, it would not seem propitious. However, the card can also mean that sacrifice pays off, humiliation falls by the wayside and a test is passed.

The bottom line for both of you is that you are doing something that makes you happy, that fulfills you. Your perseverance (and there's nothing more important for an aspiring author) and your hard work will be the key to your successes. Good luck to both of you.


  • Jeff King

    Thx you hit the nail on the head.

    Writing has brought more self-doubt and a feeling of inadequacy. A feeling I have never felt before about anything EVER.
    And yes I have held off writing for a time. So I can try and find out more about proper paragraph structure and all around word usage. Call me stupid but I just found out you control pace by paragraph length and structure.

    But yet I have grown and overcome so much. I feel above all that self sought now. And know I will succeed no matter what. It is just a matter of time, and finding the right story with the right agency to fulfill my dream.

    Thx for your support steph.

  • cardiogirl

    Hey there, somehow I lost you but now you are found! Thank you so much for your answer.

    Not to sound conceited, but my first thought was that I was the person described in the Future - King of Cups. I would say I'm trying to manipulate this story to sell/market it for success. I'm certainly sensitive and friendly. And my husband thinks I'm charming.

    I've had a lot of strange/chaotic experiences in the last three years so the second explanation of The Hanged Man (reversed) seems plausible. I've certainly sacrificed a lot emotionally, spiritually and mentally during those last three years. I have used some of that experience to flesh out my characters and it's actually been pretty therapeutic.

    Regardless I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!

    p.s. I did hit 50,000 words this past Saturday so I reached my first goal of completing NaNoWriMo. Now I need to focus on editing to reach goal two -- world domination! I mean a publishing contract.

  • Stephanie B

    Good luck, Cardiogirl. Remember us little people.

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