Twofer: Jen and Wondering

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm trying to catch up since I fell somewhat behind, so today it's two tarot readings for two people.

First, for Jen, who asked, "I have that same question, when will I find love again. I've been divorced for five years now and am pretty tired of it. I have dated but so far no one I have met has given me the butterflies in the stomach, I want that again. Am I wasting my time and should I just settle for a good man? Even if he doesn't thrill me?"

Let's see what the cards say.

Past - Page of Swords - This seems like the description of someone. Since the question is about love, I'd assume it was someone in a past relationship. There are several conflicting meanings, but I get the sense that this someone was apparently intelligent, friendly and full of plans, but the plans were vague and the individual in question was both suspicious and stubborn.

Present - Cups X - Your present seems to be ripe with the promise of contentment, harmony, fellowship. The individual this card sees has the potential for a permanent relationship, someone who balances you and potentially completes you. There are no violins, no butterflies connected with this card, but, if this is your "good man," he appears to be a good man indeed, not just good, but good for you.

Future - Wands IV (Inverted) - Your question was fairly specific and the cards have been, too. In the reversed position, this card speaks of unfulfilled romance, lost tranquility, hasty decisions that lead to disappointment.

In the end, no one can tell you what you need or don't need, but the cards seem quite convinced that you have an opportunity for happiness right now. The possibility exists that, no matter how good your potential lover is, he will never be able to give you what you need. But there is another possibility that what you think you need won't make you happy like you'd like it to. Wands IV inverted could very well be potential with someone who seems exciting and romancing - only, in the final analysis, he doesn't work for you.

Aside from the reading, I want to tell you my viewpoint. I'm inherently against settling, in that you stay with someone because you don't want to be alone, but they can't give you what you need. Having said that, nice guys get a bad rap and you should be very sure your view on what you need isn't skewed before you give up on a relationship that has everything but fire. Fire is beautiful, exciting, but can be painful, destructive and short-lived. Sometimes, being warm is enough. Good luck!

Wondering asked: How about this: Will I get this job I interviewed for? And, if not, will I have other career options? Hope this isn't too much! :) Thanks.

In these uncertain times when so many are struggling, I always hope I can find happy answers. Let's see.

Past - Swords IX (reversed) - You've had hardship in the past, suffering, anxiety, worry, hopelessness, loss, perhaps illness. I get the sense from this card that it was not one thing, but several things that compounded to make the situation very challenging, where you felt you had nowhere to turn.

Present - Pentacles (Coins) VII (reversed) - In the reversed position, this card doesn't offer much hope on a specific option you were hoping for right now. It speaks of disappointment, dashed hopes, impatience and a fear of failure. But it isn't without hope as there's a potential for something you have to wait for. Let's check the last card...

Future - Pentacles (Coins) V - This is more hopeful. The card still speaks of adversity and challenges, but it also speaks of success through hard work, common sense, perhaps some physical labor. My sense is success will be slower in coming than you'd hoped and there are still tough times ahead, but there are options and, with intelligence, perseverance and hard work, you can find success.

I wish I could have found you an easy answer, but it looks like hard work's ahead and success may be a bit further away than you'd hoped. I'll tell you one thing, though, there is no sense of accomplishment like doing something challenging well. I wish you the best possible in finding a career that works for you and that brings you eventual success. Good luck!


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