For Swapna: Can I follow my dream?

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Swapna asked: Have you stopped using Entrecard? I cannot find the link..Could you give me a reading on my career? I am an aspiring artist and would love to follow my heart..would that work?

I should have done this yesterday, so I'm putting it up today and might try another one later tonight if I get the chance. So, into the reading:

Past - Cups VII (reversed) - this card, in the reversed position, speaks of disillusionment and, perhaps, deceit, as if you had pursued a dream, trusting in others to help you, and were betrayed or, at least, disappointed. It might be that doing what you'd wanted just turned out to be harder than you thought or that you had to do other things when what you'd wanted to do came to nothing.

Present - Swords X - things are challenging, either because you are struggling financially or because you are at an area of decision. You want to be practical and make intelligent decisions, but you're modestly hopeful in pursuing something that will give you fulfillment. I'd guess, from this card, your original dreams and plans have been scaled back to more realistic levels.

Future - Knight of Wands - This card argues that the path most likely will involve a change, a decision to pursue an adventure, which I would take to say you do go after your artistic dreams.

The card is not clear, however, on the outcome, so I'll pull another card.

King of Wands (reversed) - This card (in the reversed position) argues running into someone or an atmosphere that is very closed to change or artistic endeavors, an environment driven by uncompromising rules.
Page of Wands (reversed) - In the reversed position, this is not an encouraging card. It speads of bad news and intolerance.

So, here's what I read from the cards. You want to pursue an artistic endeavor, even though it has not always worked well in the past, but, according to the cards I'm pulling, that path is very challenging and it might be very difficult to open people's minds to what you are trying to convey. I'm not saying that it would be impossible (even if the cards said so - one shouldn't run one's life by the cards), just that they think you aren't facing a climate that bodes well.

Good luck!


  • Jeff King

    thx for your time and effort you put into your Blogs...

  • Swapna

    I have not pursued my dream at all,ever.. but yes.. I was forced into another direction.. I am well qualified and have been working too, but after a break my heart is not in going back to that again.. though I enjoyed it at that time, my priorities have changed and want to go in a new direction...

  • Stephanie B

    Remember, Swapna, they're just cards pulled from a distance. Even if you absolutely believe in tarot, you should always regard such a distant reading with a grain of salt.

    And I don't recommend believing in them absolutely. Even if cards don't make mistakes, people do.

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