For Isa: What About Love?

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Isa said: i've seen you are really good with the tarot cards. Could you pleas ask your tarot cards what should I know about the person I am destined to be with? I'm still single and looking for Mr. Right. Thank you.

Okie, dokie. Let's see what we see.

Past - King of Swords - I would see this card as a description of you. Decisive, truthful, ambitious, powerful. You're serious and patient, and I suspect the patience has resulted in some measure of success, but I get the sense it's more career oriented than romance.
Present - Wands V (reversed) - Here, it seems that your life has become somewhat complex. Career might have suffered some reverses or delays or presented some challenges. Indecision seems to weigh heavily on you and your strong personality that has driven you has left you feeling at loose ends. Or that's what I'm getting from this.

Future - Cups IV - There is a potential for an unexpected lover, but this is a card where there's a certain amount of angst. It's not impossible that this lover will be moody or broody, but there is a real possibility for finding a balance that was lacking, honesty and perhaps someone sociable who can help with those aspects you have that weren't as strong.

I don't know that it's saying love will elude you, but it will involve some challenges, particularly because who ever it is has a potential to balance your own characteristics and that can make thigs difficult even if ultimately satisfying.


  • Anonymous

    I'm doing tarot readings too and i would like to add a few things...

    Five of Wands (reversed)

    This card is like a sigh of relief after conflict and struggle. Now the client can afford to relax his efforts a bit and reap the benefits of his previous promotional efforts. In a more personal sense, he has worked through his anger and hostility and feels more secure in his interpersonal relationships. He doesn't feel he has to constantly prove himself anymore.

    Four of Cups

    Another interpretation is that of defensiveness. This can be noticed in the body language displayed in the crossed arms and legs of the man. He may not be sure of what the cup has to offer. How would it change his life if he accepted it? Possibly he had been hurt emotionally before, as this is the suit of cups, and he is fearful to expose himself to that again. He has not rejected the cup either. This card is therefore saying that a new opportunity, possibly a romance, is being presented at this time. It is the time for contemplation, research and meditation. The cup will continue to be there and the decision to accept or reject it can be made later when all of the answers are in, and it feels right emotionally. No immediate action is required.

  • Stephanie B

    There are many ways to read the cards. I actually have a set of definitions from many card decks and pick the aspects that seem to fit to me. That means I'm fallible and that the same cards can be interpreted differently by many different people. This is the way I saw it.

    I am also, as I've mentioned before, not a professional and don't pretend to be. Isa, I'd urge you (and anyone else) to take any reading with a grain of salt, even if you have absolute faith in the cards (which I don't recommend).

  • cardiogirl

    Man this is fun! I have a question. First of all, I found you over at JD's place, she who does things so I don't have to.

    I'm participating in NaNoWriMo in a mere three/four days depending upon your timezone. I'm super geeked and I think I have a winner with this idea.

    I plan on writing it and editing it crazily so I can find a publisher. And I'm talkin' a real publisher like Harper Collins not Lulu. There's nothing wrong with Lulu per se, but I want a traditional publishing deal.

    The question: how will I fare with this goal. And the cards are intent on crushing my spirit, so be it. I am very confident and I will not take no for answer.

    Well, I will take no from the tarot cards but not from the publishers. I'll query 1,000 publishers if I have to.

  • cardiogirl

    Darn it all. I didn't want to use that Google account as my handle. That's why I left this second comment with my Name/URL.

    Grr. Nothing like making a statement and attempting to exit gracefully only to find you've backed out of the room dragging five folding chairs with you in the process.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't meant to insult you in any way, i just offerd other point of view to Isa. My philosophy on tarot is that tarot is a tool that can be used to guide us on the journey of our lives; the cards offer insights and understanding to ourselves and our situations. Tarot can help you discover yourself and by understanding yourself better you can make choices that bring you, closer to who you really want and need to be, but it can not predict the future. I'm reading your blog regulary and i've noticed you are good with the tarot cards. So keep on doing it!

  • Stephanie B

    I didn't take it as an insult, anonymous. I took it as an opportunity to remind my readers of my own limitations. I'm a dabbler and first took up the tarot cards for research (for fiction). It doesn't hurt to remind my readers frequently that my own way of doing things is not the only way and that the cards are a tool, at best, for insight into oneself, not Delphi's Oracle.

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