For Shakespeare: Tarot for my Semester

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shakespeare asked: I have a question for Tarot Queen (since you give me fabulous readings every single time). How is my semester going to go? If the cards could just give me a general idea what to expect by December, when everything calms down, I'd love to know. I know you don't do futures, per se, but since I know overall WHAT is going to happen, I'd like to know HOW I and my family will respond to it.

It's not that I don't do futures, but I struggle with time frames and yes or no questions. Yours is a good one, so I'll see what the cards will tell me. We'll start with the three card spread, past (immediate), present and semester future.

Past - Ace of Cups (reversed) - stress, anxiousness, difficulties gettings tarted. This is likely all about the worries you had about finding work and the resultant uncertainty.

Present - Justice VIII (reversed) - imbalance. Your fears in being too idle have pushed the pendulum too far in the other direction (or you fear that may be the case). But, what will happen?

Future - Wands VI - This is a happy card, a card of good tidings like achievement of desires and realization of goals. Clearly, your trepidation is unwarranted and you will amaze even yourself with what you manage to accomplish. Damn, hon, that's excellent. Now, I'll pull a card to see if there's any impact on your family.

Ah, Ace of Pentacles (Coins) - looks like it's all good. Prosperity, satisfaction, fulfillment. I think it works for everyone.

Lee and I were actually at a reading circle on Saturday. We can't read our own futures and haven't been able to (or each others) since we've been together. When we're together we affect each other. So, I thought maybe someone else could give us readings. You know the rune we BOTH pulled for our future? The blank one that says "Not gonna tell you."

Perhaps I should take the hint.


  • flit

    Do you have a choice? About taking the hint, I mean... seems pretty clear LOL

    Works for everyone sounds very positive to me.

  • Aron Sora

    I'll look for online cards. I can try, but I don't have cards

    PS, I'll read those stories this weekend, but I have a question for you.

    I have a meeting with my client for my first Engineering class. It is a real client, nothing is simulated, do you have any tips for meeting with a client for the first time. It is a community service project, but it is real. I get my project in 1 week and the first meeting is in 2.

  • Shakespeare

    Thanks! You make me feel better, and I'm actually getting really excited about my classes (two more start Monday)...

    My kids are still doing their chores (my daughter loaded the dishwasher today, and my son even helped her clean up her room)... so things are smoothing out.

    I sure hope the cards are right. Then again, I already think they will be, and the semester won't be so bad after all.

    I promise to pull out my own cards, soon, and maybe once I do more studying of them I'll do a reading for you (not that it will work, but I'll try it out and see).

  • The Mother

    You can't read your own hubby?

    I can read my hubby's MIND. Brain fusion from nearly 30 years of marriage. He can read mine, too.

    But the future? Hmm. Never thought that brain fusion could cloud a reading. Interesting. Maybe it's because the two of you aren't in sync about what your goals are? Or too in sync. No idea.

  • Stephanie B

    Actually, it's interesting that you asked that. I never have been able to read myself, ever. I could read people very close to me, including my children and parents, but not myself. I could read Lee, too, before we were involved. However, once we became a couple, forget it, everything was muddled again. Nothin'.

    Lee says our destinies have melded too closely to be distinguished from each other, and, although he could read himself originally, now he can't.

    Now, here's the freaky part. Though he can give quite compelling readings when he's by himself, if I'm in the room, he can't read his own cards. He can lay them out, but I have to read them.

    Freaky, ain't it?

  • Jeff King

    very interesting...

    I would not even try to read my own cards.
    i prefer not to mess with carma, with my luck every bad thing would come true with out the good parts to equal it out...

  • The Mother

    That is an interesting point, Jeff. Does knowing something about the future alter it? Does Heisenberg apply to Tarot?

  • Stephanie B

    The Mother, that's a fine question. Should I write a post on it?

  • The Mother

    Sure. Go for it.

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