For Anonymous: How's My Love Life?

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anonymous (Adja) said: Hi, i'd like to ask you what your tarot cards have to say about the prospects for my love-life?

Well, let's ask them.

Normally, I do a three card spread, past, present and future, but another card leapt out, so we'll check it out in after the nominal three.

Past - Wands VIII - This has to do with speed and generosity, friendliness, frankness. To me, this card argues an open outlook, quick to love without hesitating, perhaps even on whim. Generous, giving, but not necessarily choosing your partners wisely or finding yourself falling for people who used you.

Present - Swords X - this card seems to reinforce my interpretation of the first one. This card speaks of betrayal and despair. Not just sorrow, but sorrow born from trusting in someone who betrayed that trust, believing in something that is no longer there. I'm sorry.

Future - Cups VI - There are quite a few interpretations of this card, but one that leaps out at me is the return of a lover, a reconciliation with someone you thought lost. There's an air of fulfillment and contentment. Destiny. That does make things interesting.

Extra card - X Wheel of Fortune - And this card is just reinforcing the last. Destiny. Inevitability. Culmination. Happiness.

I'd have to say, Adja, things look good for you, though not someone new. At least, that's what the cards say.


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