For Shakespeare: Hubby Part 2

>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shakespeare asked: I'd like a Tarot reading for my husband, or perhaps two--one for career, one for domestic life. How likely is change in his immediate future, and how will that affect his family overall?

Finally getting back to the second half of Shakespeare's question, let's see how her hubby's personal outlook is looking.

Past - Swords X (reversed) - This looks like far past - separation, fear of trusting people, learning to cope. It helped shape who you are but didn't make you because you DID learn to cope.

Present - VI The Lovers - love, passion, trust, marital harmony. That aspect of your hubby's life is all good at the moment. And isn't that a good thing.

Future - Page of Swords (reversed) - This looks like someone coming into your life who is not good for it, someone malicious and manipulative, someone untrustworthy who brings unexpected change. I don't know who this is so let me get some clarification.

Wands X (reversed)- more of the same, malice, deceit, selfishness. it would seem that this individual is someone you initially trust.

VII The Chariot (reversed) - ruthlessness, bullying, defeat.

Clearly, there is something coming he needs to be on the lookout for that will affect his personal happiness. According to the cards. Remember, take that with the grain of salt it deserves.


  • Shakespeare

    Wow! The past and present make sense... but the other sounds like he's going to be some sort of Othello to a creepy Iago.

    Forgive the Shakespearean allusion, but I couldn't help it... I haven't seen so many reversed cards since I asked a Tarot reader if I and my parents would ever be close again (I think she pulled a whole formation of cards, and they were ALL reversed).

    I'll have to mull over this one. Creepy...

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