For Shakespeare: Finding Good Blogs

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shakespeare said: My problem is in the other direction: I have trouble knowing where to go to find more good blogs to read. I'm pretty eclectic about it all, but I like people with intelligence and humor (like you and JD, for example)... and I haven't found enough of those to keep me entertained. How can I go about finding more good blogs to read?

This is a fairly easy one and I bet you're already doing it.

There are some good ways to find blogs, of course, including entrecard, blogexplosion, blog catalog, even clicking on "next blog" at the top of one's blogspot blog. And I bet there are dozens more options that my readers will bring up. I've used these and I still do, to an extent. I've found good blogs this way (particularly EC).

However, the best way I've found to find good blogs, the kind worth filling up my blog list with, is exploring the blog links of my favorite blogs. True, you start slow, if you start from scratch, and might only have a handful. Follow intelligent comments back - it's almost always worth it. And, when you find a blog worth revisiting, take some time to explore their blog lists and trace back their commenters.

Chances are, the people who like your favorite blogs are writing blogs that would appeal as well. Pretty soon, you find you have a fine circle of quality blogs, filled with the kind of things or thinking that interests you.

And, of course, others will add to this advice.


  • Joel Klebanoff

    EntreCard and BlogExplosion are good places to find blogs, but not particularly good places to find good blogs. BlogCatalog is a little better because you can rate blogs on that service. The ratings are supposedly included in the algorithm that determines the order that blogs are listed in the catalog, although BlogCatalog does not release the algorithm.

    I agree with Stephanie's suggestions of following links on comments that you think are well-written and looking at the blog rolls of bloggers you like. If they can write comments well, they can probably write blogs well. And bloggers you enjoy are more likely to enjoy blogs that you will enjoy too (like minds think somewhat alike).

    (Full disclosure: I might be biased about the blog list advice because I'm on Stephanie's blog list.)

  • Lola

    You can also check out the blogs of people who comment on your blog, or on blogs you already follow. That's especially easy when someone is using that JS-Kits Comments that shows the commenter's most recent post. You get a sneak peak that way.

  • The Mother

    I agree that the blogroll of favorites is probably the best way to find new blogs. It just depends, though--some blogs have tons on their lists, and not all are as good as the original.

  • Aron Sora

    Google Alerts on topics you like will bring up blogs about that topic. That could work better then EntreCard and BlogExplosion.

  • JD at I Do Things

    Aw, thanks, shakespeare!

    And, as always, good advice, Stephanie.

    I have found good blogs on Entrecard, but not so much on BlogLog or BlogCatalog. Links on sites I like are a good source, and I try to read comments on sites I like; I've found some good blogs that way.

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