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>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Freakshownumerouno asked: I have a question, would you do a tarot reading for me i was wondering if there might be anything soon to come with my live life [love life?]. Please and thank you.

OK, I'm going to have to be more careful. I just realized I'd missed this earlier. Sorry, Freakshownumerouno. I'm going to work on a new system to keep track of this. My apologies.

So, on to the reading. I'm kind of pleased. I haven't done a tarot reading in some time. Remember, of course, that a remote reading by someone you can't even see is likely to be uncertain even when dealing with a professional (I'm not) and even if you believe (which is entirely up to you). Take the reading with a grain of salt.

Past - XIII Death (reversed) - Stagnation, inertia, grieving over past loss... This is a card where change, much needed growth, has not happened. Since you ask about love, this could indicate either relationships that became mired in inertia or a refusal to move past a relationship long lost. In either case, romance can only bloom where a growth and change are part of the mix.

Present - Wands V - Five of wands is a card that talks about struggle, juggling and conflict. Although it argues a successful career and sensuality, there are power struggles and barriers, contentiousness and competitiveness. Such relationships can be exciting, fascinating, even stimulating, but their long term prospects are limited until one can find a bit of peace, a bit of common ground, a bit of compromise.

Future - Swords III - Domestic strife and discord, melancholy, hurt feelings and mental alienation. Divorce. This is not a propitious card if you have a relationship now and isn't particularly hopeful if you don't.

It seems past, present and future either argue stagnation or conflict. Perhaps you attract (or are attracted to) the kind of relationships that aren't healthy for you. Given that the cards didn't have any good news, I think I'll ask for some advice, perhaps some insight that might help you change the pattern and find the kind of love that will make your life better not more contentious.

XII The Hanged Man - the Hanged Man is generally not a happy card but it holds a kernal of good advice. In this case, it says to look to yourself, grow, use your pain to learn and improve yourself. The card tells me (and, therefore you) to not look for your luck to change or for something different to come along, but to look within yourself for the key to change. You'll have to address the issues within yourself before you can find happiness without.

Swords IX (reversed) - this card appears to be a refinement of the previous card (a direction to pursue for self-improvement). Swords IX reversed speaks of worry, malice, nitpicking, criticism, of obsessing. Of needing to soften one's nature or be unhappy.

This wasn't a particularly cheerful reading (sorry), but the cards still offer hope for a better future, not to come to you, but to create for yourself.


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