For Sherri: Making Money from Blogging

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Sherri asked: Is it really possible to earn a living from blogging? I've stumbled on some of the sites of the bloggers who claim to earn a six-figure salary. Of course, they're probably the "rock stars" of the blogosphere, and the rest of us are trying to get any gig we can. How likely is it to earn a decent amount, like a couple thousand a month?

I have no idea.

When people talk about ways of making money outside of a regular job, they are not talking about me. In fact, when it comes to making money, managing money, finding useful ways to pick up some money on the side, I stink.

You'll notice I don't really have any advertising here. It's not a moral stance, it's just that it takes some effort to make advertising bring you any significant money and, hey, that takes time and research and capability and I just don't care enough.

I've heard of a handful of people who make a decent living on line (like, for instance, Sluggy Freelance who has been able to live off his daily comic for some time). Of course, other claim to make money hand over fist on-line with "so easy" methods that you can learn and make money, too. Of course, they usually ask you to pay to hear them and my guess is that's how they earn it.

I know some mighty fine bloggers, but few if any use it as their only source of income and those bloggers I've seen who claim they do (a) aren't the ones writing good blogs ( more like advertising) and (b) have multiple blogs and (c) advertising out the wazzoo.

Now, as I mentioned, I'm the last person on earth to tell anyone about making money, but my practical side thinks TANSTAAFL is a likely truth (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). People who think you can make money for doing little or nothing are in the same group as those that think you can melt away tens of pounds with a pill or cream: either dreamers or those willing to manipulate others for their own gain.

Can you make a few bucks blogging? Yeah, and my understanding is it isn't too hard. Can you make thousands every month? If you can, I haven't the faintest idea how, but I'm pretty skeptical that it's likely. For most, I just don't see that as a likely result.


  • Mike

    I blog for fun and thus have not considered a source for income. I do make a few bucks, but I turn around and use it to pay my internet expenses. I have not been convinced that you can make a living from blogging (writing) - if you are a marketer and have products to sell that folks will buy, then you could make money on the sale of products.

  • Roy

    My attitude is that the only way to make serious money on the Internet is to have an actual Internet business. Otherwise it's just nickel & dime stuff and the way they earn those nickels and dimes is outright annoying (ads). And if they're relying on ads, they're not making a penny off of me - I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus up and running at full strength. I don't see an ad the whole time I'm surfing the Web.

  • Quadmama

    When I first started blogging everyone I mentioned it to had a friend of a friend who blogged full-time, but no one actually "knew" the person. I'm starting to think it's an urban myth LOL. But in all seriousness, as Stephanie mentioned it seems the people who can make blogging a full-time job are likely doing more advertising than anything else.

  • flit

    where can I get me some o' those lose 10lbs pills?

    Me want!

  • Sherri

    Thanks for answering my question! I was curious how likely it really is to earn decent money blogging. I'm sure the few that are extremely successful have worked very hard or have stumbled onto a profitable niche. I know I never click on ads when I visit blogs. I guess I just see them so much I kind of block them out. I think a serious writer could develop a following with a blog then try to promote a book they wrote. Hmmm... guess it isn't time to give up the day job just yet!

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