For Anonymous: Ba Zi Anyone?

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anonymous asked: hey u believe in Chinese Ba Zi & can u intepret one?

Actually, this is technically easy to answer since I never heard of it. So, no I can't say I believe in it, per se. And, naturally, I have no skill in interpreting it.

But I am interested in different things so I looked it up. Thank you, Wikipedia. Apparently, Ba Zi is Chinese astrology, specifically a reading of one's destiny based on the year, month, day and hour of one's birth. Now, when you put it that way, I've read about such things. More than one book that touched on Chinese culture (and, yes, I know it's more complex than that) explained how seriously this was regarded as a fortune was often solemnly cast early in a child's life and the results were taken as gospel.

Note that, though I can't claim to "believe" it, I do not disbelieve it either. These fortunes are taken very seriously by a great many people and I think there are many things that are not readily explained. I don't read my own horoscope, but I do identify with my sign (Western Zodiac: Scorpio). I learned tarot very skeptically and I'm still a little mystified when it makes sense. I don't know that I believe anything absolutely in the fortune telling world, but I believe it's possible. And that would extend to Ba Zi. I will say that the Chinese method for predicting a baby's gender was spot on with all three of my children.

Now, if you were hoping I could do a Ba Zi reading, I'm sorry. I'm not exactly sure what it would take to become proficient, but I'm not currently. However, there are sites that can perform readings. And I did find this handy dandy gadget courtesy of Four Pillars and Feng Shui Calculator:

How cool is that? The Wikipedia article I cited above has other links as well.

Sorry I couldn't help you out much, but I hope you had fun. I did. I'll use the calculator myself and tell you what it says in a comment.


  • Stephanie B

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  • Stephanie B

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  • Stephanie B

    I realized I'd missed something, so I'll redo it:

    I'm +Metal/-Fire/-Metal/-Fire
    Also, Rat/Pig/Pig/Goat

    Now, if I had any idea what that meant, I'd tell you. Looks like I'll need to do more digging.

  • *lynne*

    Hi Stephanie,

    Here are a few little tidbits for ya:

    1. your Self Element is Yin Fire (denoted in your shorthand as -Fire): you are akin to a candle that lights up a darkened room: nowhere near as bright and vibrant as the sun, you still bring light and warmth to smaller, more focused areas. Center of attention, very giving, probably of leadership material.

    2. Born in Spring, where Wood reigns supreme and Fire isn't far behind, you are a ~strong~ Yin Fire. This means, of the five (Chinese version) elements, those favourable to you are Water, Metal and Earth (these control/deplete your strong Fire to bring it into better balance) while Fire and Wood are unfavourable to you (they would only add to your Fire, making your chart burn way too bright!).

    3. Every year of the Rooster, I wonder if you experience a particularly unmanageable year, where your Fire burns particularly bright and strong, therefore throwing you particularly out of balance...

    I'd be happy to give you a more complete reading (to the best of my still-very-basic abilities) if you're interested. Drop on by, k?


  • Stephanie B

    Thank you Lynne, I'll do just that.

    I would love to know more. The only thing that concerns me is that I was born in November, which means that perhaps this is not right? Or is it a matter of looking at my conception date rather than my western "birthdate"?

    I'll be checking out your site soon. You're a peach.

  • *lynne*

    Hi Steph,

    Oh wait, I should know better than try to pop a quick read out at 1am, LoL! Looking back I have no idea where I pulled the "born in Spring" statement, since even if I mixed up "your" chart with the "sample" chart in the post, it would have given me Summer. Ooops! :p

    So yeah, the Pig (bottom row, second from the right) indicates you were born in November - considered Winter - and with this, it turns item #2 on its head: in Winter, Water reigns supreme, and Fire is overwhelmed by the cold, therefore making you a ~weak~ Yin Fire.

    Ugh. So sorry about that.

    Anyways, do drop me a line if you'd like an analysis done for ya. I need the practice (can you tell? LMAO!!)


  • Stephanie B

    Yay! Since my husband's fortune brought up fire and wood. Woohoo! I can keep him!

    (Just kidding. I'd take my chances anyway.)

    I WILL be contacting you and probably doing a follow up here. I'm tickled and looking forward to it.

  • Phyl

    Monkey-Pig-Goat-Monkey here.
    And +Water -Earth -Wood +Fire

    I knew Fire would have to be in there somewhere. Any system that's ever had even a little to say about my birthdate (July 31) has fire blazing all over the thing.

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